Friday, February 24, 2017

Paint Yoshit Week 7 Update (Squaduary Week 3)

This one should be a quick little update as I'm just trucking along with Squaduary and mine and Brother Pink's Paint Yoshit Challenge. To review, here's where we are in my own Squaduary schedule:

Week 1: Assembly
Week 2: Priming and Airbrushing
Week 3: Clean up and details
Week 4: More final details and basing

ALREADY a couple of days into week 4, and the trepidation I had with my progress last week has spilled over into full realization what I will not be finishing nearly as many models as I'd hoped in February!

I guess I need to remind myself that most people are trying to complete 5-10 miniatures in the time I allotted myself to complete nearly 40!

It's all about scale.

At this point I'm pretty confident that I should be able to finish 3 squads: the 10 "unwashed" Neophytes, 5 "shrouded" Genestealers, and 6 Aberrants. Oh, and though this update is posted late, I did actually take the pics on Tuesday.

Completed This Week:

I didn't finish painting anything this week as I'm aiming to polish off a bunch of stuff at the end of February.

In Progress:

MUCH WAS FINICKY PAINTED...though not nearly enough :(

6 Aberrants: Started in on their details. They have metalics on them now, and their chitin is all blacked in Secret Weapon Tire black. Waiting on highlighting their reds, painting their chitin, purple vascular tissue, then final details.

10 "Unwashed" Neophytes: These guys probably came the furthest and are now mostly waiting on their reds to be touched up and a couple more details.

5 "Shrouded" Genestealers: They've actually come a little farther than in the below pic. Their chintin is blacked in, and their hands/feet/faces are done. Gotta finish the chitin, then their purple vascular tissue, and they're good to go.


- The 10 Red Cloaked Acolytes (pictured above with the Genestealers)
- The 8-or-so Normal Armour Acolytes
- The 7 "Unwashed Masses" Acolytes

Here are pics of them anyway in the hopes of shaming myself into speedier action:

Didn't really start anything new this week as I was away and STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO DO.

Did somebody say #MonsterMarch?

See you in less than a week!

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