Thursday, February 09, 2017

Paint Yoshit Week 5 Update (Squaduary)

So, though I'm meant to be in a sporesacs-to-the-wall painting race with Brother Pink for our Paint Yoshit Challenge from January until the end of March, I took a break from painting this week to BUILD BUILD BUILD! I'm using Stepping Between Games' Squaduary challenge to get a PILE of stuff done for my Genestealer Cult build.

Squaduary sets a schedule for participants, which looks like this:

Week 1: Assembly: 1st – 7th
Taking them off the sprues or putting them on bases, what ever way you get them ready for paint.

Week 2: Basic painting: 8th – 14th
This is your basic coating and blocking in colours.

Week 3: Clean up and details: 15th – 21st
Cleaning up your colours and picking out all the bits to make the mini stand out.

Week 4: Basing: 22nd – 28th
Adding the base or just painting it up.

All that is meant to be for ONE squad. However, I'm a masochist, so I'm trying to stick to that schedule for as many infantry models as I can in one month.

As you can see from the date of this post, I'm already behind :P

My own version of the schedule looks like the following:

Week 1: Assembly
Week 2: Priming and Airbrushing
Week 3: Clean up and details
Week 4: More final details and basing

Completed This Week:

Nothing was painted this week, but I'll outline what I completed construction on below.

In Progress:

A PILE of infantry. See below.


So, though some of them were already built, this is what I built this week:

That includes:

- 5 "Unwashed" Acolyte Hybrids, converted from Chaos Cultists

-10 "Unwashed" Neophyte Hybrids, converted from Chaos Cultists

- 20 Hybrid Acolytes, mostly from Acolyte models

- 5 Purestrain Genestealers, converted to be covert and hidden under tarps/rags. I made this choice to better convey the covert nature of the cult. If you're trying to hide your creepy cult, it's best to not have freaky, six-limbed monsters running around unhidden.

- 3 Aberrants

...which looks rather conspicuously like 2 Aberrants, and that's because I still have a little bit of greenstuffing to get done on these fellows before they're ready for primer:

In total, my Squaduary vow that's meant to be for a single squad has ballooned to a total of 43 (!) models. 


Wish me luck because I think I'm going to need it!


Next up, I need to get these dudes primed, and then get them in front of the airbrush!

One cool thing, though, to demonstrate my progress on the Omega Strain Genestealer Cult project, I got out my display board and placed all the models I've finished painting on it. It's a really effective way to see my progress all in one place, so I think I'll keep it up as I paint more. Here's what the completed models look like so far:
That's 24 Neophytes, 10 Acolytes, and 1 lonely Aberrant.

However, they'll have some backup by end of February >:)

Anyone else taking the Squaduary vow?


  1. Looking very well chief and fair play for upping your game. I love the idea of the pure strains hidden under the rags.

  2. Some awesome work there! I love the Purestrains hidden under the tarp, such a neat idea. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses throughout the month!