Friday, October 28, 2011

Power from Pain: Coven Pain Counters

I've been rolling around ideas for pain counters for the coven for some time. One of the things I love most about the Haemonculus covens is the way that they seem to twist and sculpt bone and spines. I started thinking about how this sculpting must be driven by pain, so what better way to represent pain counters than with a victim who is being sculpted into some kind of grisly trophy by the pain that a squad is collecting?

Hideous? Certainly! And, for that reason, perfect for the Coven >:)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Art of the V&A: Miniatures & Inspiration

Japanese Miniatures VnA_3089
While in London earlier this week, we stopped by the Victoria & Albert Museum near Knightsbridge in London. I'd never been on my previous trips to London, and I'd really been missing out. If anyone is located anywhere near London, I'd recommend heading down soon to check out the very inspiring Power of Making exhibit (pictured above) that is on for a limited time.

Power of Making from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.

It's a random collection of fantastic creations by modern artists (from miniature sculptures carved into the lead of pencils to giant, wooden exosuits designed so Steven Hawking could fight crime), and though the exhibition is small, it has an inspiring focus on the act/process of creation, rather than on the finished products themselves. I spent like 40 minutes in the small gallery and came out with a burning urge to MAKE SOMETHING.

While at the V&A, I also stumbled across some mind-numbingly intricate Japanese carvings that I thought bore sharing with folks who appreciate tiny little things. Here's hoping they can provide someone with some inspiration!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Games Day UK 2011

This year I wound up in the UK, within striking distance of Games Day UK, and Games Workshop saw fit to hold the event on my birthday no less! Here's my impressions an photos, only a month late.
The event was a zoo. We had to fight our ways into the Golden Demon cabinets, and once we'd fought our way through those, I wound up feeling a little lost.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Back to the Coven: A Haemonculus Raider

Well, it's been a BLOODY long time since I posted anything here, and my only explanation/excuse for it was moving between three countries in under a two month span (Japan -> Canada -> England).  Now that I've finally settled here in the UK for the next couple of months, I've been using my free time to get back to work on the Coven.

And I jumped right in with one of my whackier ideas: creating a Haemonculus Coven Raider by crossing it with a Talos. I came up with two separate concepts, and I feel like this is the more normal of the two (I can't wait to get to the second concept as it's a little more grizzly). Here's another time lapse video showing some of my progress on the raider:

Though my first concept for the Coven raider was a Talos fused to the front of a Raider, as if it were driving it or towing it, I wanted to give the thing a slightly different profile than just a Raider+Talos.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Return to the Realm of the Creative

I should definitely start with an apology to anyone who has taken the time to check this blog since June. As I wrapped up my teaching job in Japan and prepared to move back to Canada in August, then onto the UK in September, my model-related projects kind of fell by the wayside, and so did this blog. That being said, I'm now firmly set up here in the UK, I've dusted off the models and made myself a "Man Cave," so it's about bloody time I started cranking out some more content for the old bloggerino. Here's hoping there are still some folks around who'd like to read it ;)

So, though I have been away, I haven't been idle. My creation tends to follow tracks, and as I wrapped up my sojurn in Japan, cameras broke and new ones were bought and, eventually, photography moved to the forefront as modelling was placed on the back burner.

So, though this might not be, strictly speaking, of interest to the modelling/40k crowd, I've filled my summer with stuff like this:
Spider Webs
Hanging with the Gordons
For Jack

...and this:

...and, as I made some of my first forays into videography/editing, they yielded stuff like this:

...and one of the things I'm probably most proud of ever having created:

And that all has little and less to do with modelling and sculpting, but I dream of a time when I will be able to just sit around and make stuff all day long. When that happens, I hope that this can be the place where those creative forays come to rest.

Enough of that for now, though.

The blog will be back to models by Friday. Promise :)