Friday, May 26, 2017

Xenos Alchemist: A Review of Tyranid Design

Today on the Xenos Alchemist podcast, we pour back through Tyranid history for a review of the Tyranid design aesthetic. This one should be of interest to anyone who followed my Tyranid Archive posts, or folks who have a morbid curiosity about which Tyranid models we love, and which we can't stand!

It's a long one, with ridiculous accents, but here's hoping you enjoy it!

UPDATE: Since Kym so helpfully suggested it in the comments on this post, here is a link to all of Mr. Pink's past Tyranid Archive posts. They're broken down by edition so you can get some visual references to go along with this podcast:

If you have any comments on this episode, please leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks, and happy listening!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Omega Strain is Top 5 in North America!


After four solid months of work, and many hundreds of hours of work (118 hours in April alone!) on my Omega Strain Genestealer Cult, I succeeded in not only scoring an Inner Circle gold medal at my local store, but also being named top army in Canada, and top 5 in North America!

Games Workshop US HQ made the announcement last Wednesday. It was a nail-biting wait, and they made the reveal by posting photos of the 5 winning armies to their Games Workshop Inner Circle Facebook page:

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Xenos Alchemist: A Podcast for Xenos Lovers

Brother Pink has been on my butt for some time to put together a podcast for anyone who likes Modern Synthesist but would rather it be fed to them through their ears. Since he was also happy to take care of all the fidgety editing work, I was hard pressed to refuse him.

Therefore, I present to you his oeuvre: 

Xenos Alchemist - A Modern Synthesist Podcast

What's a Xenos Alchemist?

This podcast will be about the same kinds of things you encounter here on the Modern Synthesist blog: reflections on the creative side of 40k (painting, sculpting, conversions) that trend towards the alien factions that might not see as much love as their power-armoured foes. Brother Pink and I are more interested in models and fluff than in competitive gaming, so that's what we hope to make our podcast about.

We're still getting into the swing of things, so we've got a mixed bag of episodes at this point. However, in the pipe we have a two part discussion with Hydra about sculpting, and an episode on this whole Games Workshop Inner Circle thing.

How often will you be posting episodes?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Genestealer Patriarch Throne - The Osseous Throne

The centrepiece of my Genestealer Cult of the Omega Strain is the cult's Patriarch, known as The Master, and his Osseous Throne.

In this article, I'd like to share more photos of the Osseous Throne, both unprimed and painted. However, before we get to that, I should probably touch on my...

Inspiration for the Conversion

Anyone who has been along for long enough, or who has a vested interest in Genestealer Cults has probably run across either the following piece of phenomenal art by Tony Hough...

(Due possibly to some Twitter cajoling, he even did the following colour version of the same art in recognition of his 30th anniversary as a 40K artist!)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

What is Games Workshop Inner Circle?

UPDATE: Brother Pink and I have since put together a podcast about my experiences in Dallas Texas as the Inner Circle champion for Canada. It gives even more information on what Inner Circle was all about, so you can listen to it here, if you're interested:

On Saturday I attended the final judging session of the Games Workshop Inner Circle event, and I'm pleased to report that the Genestealer Cult of the Omega Strain walked away with a GOLD MEDAL!

Receiving my medal from Brando, who might just be my favourite blackshirt.
Don't tell Alphonso.

You may have seen the hashtag InnerCircle showing up on your social feeds over the weekend. For anyone outside North America, or those within North America who haven't heard much about this competition, here's the skinny:

Games Workshop's US head office has been running a pilot event called Inner Circle in support of Gathering Storm. It's an army painting competition in much the same vein as Armies on Parade, which happens across the world in October.

However, Inner Circle differs in a couple of ways:

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Omega Strain Genestealer Cult Wins Best Army at Astronomi-Con 2017!

Well thank god for that.

As I've been posting less on blog over the last couple of months, my fervent work on my Genestealer Cult of the Omega Strain has been ramping up like crazy. My goal for finishing this force was to enter my first ever tournament with them at Astronomi-Con 2017.