Friday, May 29, 2015

Brass Tax on a Sniper Scout

Hi Everybody!

This plastic Sniper Scout was randomly added into an ebay auction. I paid $20.69 US for the scout, 9 tactical marines, a librarian, and a captain from Dark Vengeance.

Why 9 tactical marines and why is one pewter?

“Brother Pink, How do you get your Reds so Red?”

“Painting is a necessary pain that must be endured”

-Every Blood Angel between wars

Hi Everybody!

This is Brass Tax with Brother Pink

I’ve got to get my models on the table and so I must paint.

I Started with grey primer. I was priming out of my apartment window in winter and accidentally sprayed a bit heavily. I learned a trick from Adam Savage's Tested show, he uses a hair dryer to evaporate the solvent/propellant in aerosol paint. It dries your primer quickly and the force of the hair dryer evens out some of the overspray. Be sure to make quick passes over the model with the hair dryer on a hot setting.   

"I wish I just brought my binoculars instead"

Brother Pink

So Pink!
Hi Everybody!

I’m Brother Pink, brother of Mr. Pink!

I probably live further away from Mr. Pink than anyone else who frequents his site.

This site for me has always been about connecting with my brother and scoring some sweet eye-crack. A few months back I gave him a ton of grief because I wanted more posts on Modern Synthesist… and as all older bros do; he put me in my place.

The man is busy. I’m doing a ton of stuff in the hobby now and Mr. Pink suggested I post it up on here.