Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Hive Fleet Moloch: The exclusive interview (Xenos Alchemist)

Our podcast returns this week with an exclusive interview with one of the most well-known Tyranid artists out there: Hive Fleet Moloch / Marco Schulze!

After years of influencing the Tyranid community with his converted Tyranids, with them having appeared in the official codex and in White Dwarf multiple times, the Mighty Moloch disappeared into the void for a time. However, with his recent resurgence, this felt like the perfect time to share more of his synapse signal with the rest of the hive mind!

In this interview, we take a wide ranging survey of his hobby experience, from his beginnings with Warhammer 40k, to his collaboration with the Games Workshop Studio and other artist, to what has brought him back to the hobby. 

Along the way, we also dip into his other dorky passions, such as collecting Alien memorabilia and scifi cosplaying for Star Wars and Alien. 

Choose your preferred format below, and start listening!


Also, if you've got any messages you'd like to share with Hive Fleet Moloch, please leave them in the comments below.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Sculpting Live Streams on YouTube

For anyone who is still tuned in to the ol' bloggerino:

Thank you.
And I'm sorry.

Thank you for keeping on keeping subscribed to this blog and for checking in on it regularly. 

And I'm sorry I'm not as good at keeping it up to date as I may like. As captured well in the recent Between the Bolter and Me stream/podcast episode, hobby blogs may have a bit of dust on them these days, but they're still super valuable records/repositories for hobby content. 

The challenge is that, like hobby forums of yesterday, they don't always make it super easy to share content as fluidly as social media does :(

Therefore, if you're ever wondering what I'm up to, the most up to date source will always be my Instagram (and you can check it even if you don't have an instagram account...though the sneaky buggers may force you to sign up to expand a post >:P).

However, I've also gotten a lot more active on my YouTube channel recently, having made my first forays into hobby streaming. I didn't think it would be interesting for folks to just watch me sculpt. Apparently, I was wrong.

So it's now the case that I've gotten into the habit of doing a live hobby stream on YouTube every Wednesday night, around 8 pm / 20:00 EDT. However, I know that's not always ideal for people in other parts of the world, so I'll work at also doing streams on weekends or at other times when more folks can join. 

The best place to find updates on that kind of stuff is the community page of my YouTube Channel. If you were to check that now, you'd find that I've got a stream coming up this Tuesday, September 15th at 2:30pm / 14:30 EDT, or 19:30 GMT. 

Even if you miss the live stream, I archive the videos of each stream, and I've embedded the Hobby Stream playlist above. Though there's a goodly amount of random chatter with the folks commenting, the videos are good opportunities to learn to sculpt things. For example, on the most recent stream, I showed how to sculpt hakama / pleated pants, and quick and dirty hoods:

Here's hoping you'll be able to join one of the streams!

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Sculpting Tyranid Armour Plates: Filling in the Gunbeast's forearm shields

Next up on Project Gunbeast, I do some filling work on the Tyrannofex's two forearm shield walls. Not terribly exciting work, but I also use this video to preview a side project I'm wrapping up for Hive Fleet Moloch: depicting a custom Tyranid Prime that has been captured by the Ordo Xenos and crucified on a giant Inquisitorial =][= sigil. What is kind of useful is the sculpting work I do on the back of the armour plates, where I show off one of my favourite textures for filling in space on Tyranids. 

Here's the video:

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Sculpting Brains & Eyes: Tyranid enhanced senses (Project Gunbeast)

Next up on was tackling the creature's head. This Tyrannofex is going to be carting around some huge armour plates on its forearms to protect from incoming fire. One of the most important things it is protecting is its targeting array, which I wanted to make look like the organic, Tyranid equivalent of a satellite dish. The head is heavily armoured, but when those armour plates "bloom" open, they reveal all manner of eyes, scent pits, and even hyper sensitive brain matter.

Basically, a horror show of senses meant to detect any and all targets, across a number of wavelengths and spectra.

And I did it all in one go! And you can watch the results below:

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Sculpting Tyranid Weapons - Armour plates on a biocannon (Project Gunbeast)

I've got another video of me working on Project Gunbeast for you (two in one week! Must be on vacation!), still working on the creature's biocannons. This time I'm adding the armour plates to the top, largest cannon, and I try to sculpt them all in one go.

Once again, this creature is meant to represent a Tyrannofex, borrowing heavily from my own Tyranid Exocrine and Dactylis designs.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Sculpting Tyranid Weapons: Bio-Cannons on a Tyrannofex (Project Gunbeast)

Here's some progress on a Tyranid project I've been working on in the background. Years ago I found a KILLER deal on two Tyrannofexes on eBay. It was cheap enough to seem too good to be true, and when they arrived, it turned out it WAS too good to be true.

Alas. Chinacast.

I was so frustrated at how I'd been duped that I burried the models in the bottom of my Tyranid bin and forgot about them. 

Until this year, when I stumbled across them, and resolved to get my revenge on the chinacaster by turning one of them into a badass Tyranid gunbeast. I'm referring to this as Project Gunbeast. On paper, this bad boy is going to rep a Tyrannofex, but you'll find that my design borrows heavily from my previous Tyranid Exocrine and Dactylis designs--particularly the idea of it being a mobile Tyranid gun emplacement that carries its own fortifications around with it!

Anyway, in this livestream I do some detailing on the Gunbeast's back-mounted biocannons.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Project #DominaNid3: Sculpting legs on a Tyranid Dominatrix

In my next adventure in livestream sculpting, I take on one of the legs for the #DominaNid3 Tyranid Dominatrix conversion, trying to make a leg big and stompy enough to match the stompy feet I had already planned.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Project #DominaNid3: Sculpting Arms for a Tyranid Dominatrix

I made some progress on Project #DominaNid3, and I decided to try documenting my sculpting as part of a hobby livestream. In this video, I focus on sculpting an Tyranid arm, and it winds up coming out a lot better than I'd hoped!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Necron Warrior conversion - hobby live stream

I decided to try something new: both in terms of models and format. 

With the release of the Indomitus box, I not only took the plunge into Necrons, but also into hobby livestreaming.

And now you can watch me fumble my way through BOTH on this YouTube video! The quality is not stellar as I shot it on my phone, but have a look anyways to see how I make out.

Anyone out there joining me in this new necron plunge, inspired by these stellar new models?

Saturday, July 04, 2020

How to Sculpt Ribs: Video tutorial 9, ft. Hydra

Next up in the How to Sculpt Miniatures video series, we have another guest post from Brother Hydra,  This time focusing on how to sculpt ribs. As this is one of the main textures on Tyranids, it's a really useful one to get down.