Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Genestealer Cult Returns! Inspired by The Strain

Hokay, so.

A long time ago, I got an idea for a Genestealer Cult, featuring some creepy dudes in black trench coats, and I swore that, once GW released plastic greatcoat guard, I would convert up my stealer cult.

So that never happened, but Games Workshop did release Genestealer Cult models, and—holy moly— are they every beautiful, and absolutely SPOT ON the Genestealer models of old, except modernized to compete with the surreal level of plastics currently coming out of GW. In case you'd missed it, they were sculpted by my new hero, Darren Razza Latham.

Though I had been holding out for greatcoat guard to start my cult, this release forced my hand.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Long Time No See!

Hi Everybody!

Long time no see!

Brother Pink here, and I have minimal hobby progress to report on.

Last month, I roped Mr. Pink into crossing the globe for some sort of momentous occasion and it threw a major monkey wrench into both our hobbies.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Dark Eldar Grotesques Aberration Painted! (Flesh Friday)

Well, this feels pretty good.

Though I may not have succeeded with as much of my November Modeling Vow as I did with October, but I still feel like I accomplished some good things in November, chief among them, for me, is having finished painting AND BASING the unit of Dark Eldar Grotesques that I finished modeling in October.

That last basing bit is key. Anyone who has known me for a while can attest to the fact that I'm far more interested in modeling and sculpting than I am in painting and basing. Though I said I finished a lot of things in October, NONE of them were based. I fixed that his month, forcing myself to get over how boring I find basing, and have now nearly finished basing all the models I painted in October.

The full idea and process behind my bases is something I'll go into in a separate, fuller article. For now, the general concept was that I wanted them to represent the floor of a Haemonculus' workshop: a slick, bloody mess, some of which looked like it might actually be alive.

For painting the Grotesques and Aberration, I took the colour scheme for The Hexed from the Haemonculus Covens book...

Friday, November 20, 2015

Converted Dark Eldar Wracks complete (Flesh Friday)

 Well, I've officially polished off the first part of my November modeling vow by completing the conversions and sculpting on my first unit of Wracks since the Bob's Big Bad Coven commission.

This time I opted to use arms that were much more to scale with the models (last time I used mostly big, beefy, and LONG bloodletter arms), and I'm much happier with the effect. I also used mostly actual wracks arms (though sometimes converted) along with actual wrack masks to mask the fact that I'm using flagellant lower bodies and bloodletter upper bodies to sub in for the actual wrack models. I also sculpted on some combat cumberbuns to merge the two pieces/tie them back to the actual wracks.
Why go to so much work, employing bits across to many different stock models?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Introducing Vestigial Twin: The Modern Synthesist Podcast

Hi Everybody!

It's Brother Pink here, and I'm certain that everyone was as thrilled as I was when Mr. Pink started kicking his flesh-crafting into high gear!

I was so thrilled that I started to hound Mr. Pink about recording a podcast with me. By hounding, it was more like this:

Brother Pink: Let's do a podcast!
Mr. Pink: Do I have to do anything?
Brother Pink: No, I'll do everything.
Mr. Pink: SURE!

I decided to call it 'The Vestigial Twin' as it suits the twisted nature of flesh crafting as well as our relationship. If you're wondering what a vestigial twin is, all is explained in the podcast.

Mr. Pink and I are brothers and one of the things that is most similar is our voices. Listening to a podcast with two guys with the exact same voice wouldn't work. I got really pumped about doing some voice acting, so the host of the first episode is Kraekorr, the haemonculus. I really tried to rein-in the theatrics. Also, Mr. Pink addresses this character exactly as if it were his brother.

If you really enjoy this character, I left a couple of extra bits with Kraekorr at the very end, which you are in no way encouraged to listen to.

This first episode we just talk about Sculpting; the action figures that first inspired us, how we first started sculpting, various materials we have attempted to sculpt with, and projects and people that really inspired us.

There were a few hiccups: Mr. Pink is a tad too quiet (he now has the 2nd best mic on, and I have a slight case of the sniffles. The call drops soon after I talk about helium filled terrain ideas and Mr. Pink may or may not encourage listeners to plunge their hands into buckets of plaster (which will cause serious harm).

The Opening song is 'Drop' by a Japanese band called Thee Machine Gun Elephant, and I have absolutely no permission to use it. The song at the end is 'Parasite' by a great band called Gammage. They are such a great band, they actually gave me permission to use their song!

We really hope you enjoy our podcast. Bare with us, it is the first episode. There will be immeasurable improvements for the next one.

Here it is, The Vestigial Twin:
The Vestigial Twin, Episode 1, Sculpting

Friday, November 06, 2015

October Modeling Vow Complete (Flesh Friday)

Though it's the case that I didn't finish this modeling vow IN October, it is the case that I MADE the vow on something like October 16th, so I'll call that a victory.

On that day, I vowed to my Dark Kin on The Dark City forum that, come end of October, I would have finished:

- Building and converting my first squad of Grotesques
- Painting a 10-man squad of Kabalite Hunters
- Painting 1 Haemonculus
- Painting 5 Mandrake Cronos Parasites
- Painting 1 Cronos Parasite Engine
- Painting 3 Reavers

Here are the results:

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Hallowe'en, Fleshcrafters!

I wanted to wish all of the fleshcrafters and monster makers out there a happy hallowe'en. To celebrate this most haemonculic of holidays, I carved a pumpkin in honour of my cult, using a sigil design that Brother Pink has been developing for the Coven of the Unmarred.

It's meant to represent the juxtapositions within the fluff of my coven: the idea that the Archon of Flesh and his inner circles are beautiful and unmarred, while the rest of the coven is made up of masked, twisted masses.

Using a very poke-y tool, I painstakingly pointilized that design onto my pumpkin, then went to town with some wood carving chisels. It was my first time using chisels on a pumpkin, and I HIGHLY recommend it if you're planning anything amazing with squash.

Here's hoping you had some hallowe'en themed projects of your own!