Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Paint Yoshit Week 6 Update (Squaduary Week 2)

This one should be a quick little update as I'm just trucking along with Squaduary and mine and Brother Pink's Paint Yoshit Challenge. To review, here's where we are in my own Squaduary schedule:

Week 1: Assembly
Week 2: Priming and Airbrushing
Week 3: Clean up and details
Week 4: More final details and basing

Starting week 3! And, to be honest, I hoped to have more stuff finished airbrushing by now, but whatever.

Completed This Week:

I didn't finish painting anything this week as I'm aiming to polish off a bunch of stuff at the end of February.

In Progress:


That includes:

6 Aberrants: airbrushed and inked/washed, waiting for some details.

10 "Unwashed" Neophytes: airbrushed, inked, with the beginnings of weather metal detailing.

5 "Unwashed" Acolytes: airbrushed, inked, with weathered metals. This photo and the above kind of mix up the neophytes and the acolytes.

- 2 Acolytes with Rocksaws: airbrushed, inked, and weathered metals. The below two photos were my test run of the weathering technique I just sort of invented, and I'm pretty happy with it! It's pretty simple and quick, so please let me know if anyone is interested in a rundown/tutorial.


I also got distracted by some non painting related projects this week...

I'd already started on him previously, but I did some more gluing on my model for my cult's Patriarch, known as The Master. I'm going to give him a badass cloak, and a horrific genestealer ovipositor coming out of his mouth.

I think this guy happened LAST week, but I forgot to post him, so I'll claim responsibility for him here. The Kairic Acolytes kit has been speaking to me for a while because the musculature on those models is phenomenal, so I finally bit the bullet, picked some up, and experimented with how easy it would be to turn one into a Haemonculus Coven Wrack model.

Turns out, it's an extremely easy conversion! I look forward to doing up more of these in the distant future and mixing them into my Wrack squads. I will probably switch out the standard weapons, though.

And, most exciting, I've picked up a Tyranid-based commission!

I know. Shock. Horror. The boy who cut his teeth on Tyranids is FINALLY getting back to them. I'm going to be calling it Project De-Sluggify 3.0, and it's going to be a Dactylis converted from an exocrine model. If you've seen my Dactylis conversion from back in the day, picture that, just much bigger, with three barrels and whole lot more armour (if that's even possible).

Here are my most earliest beginnings on the project:


Along with all the stuff I DID do this past week, here's what I have yet to do in terms of miniatures I'm hoping to get airbrushed, inked, and on to detail painting for my very ambitious Squaduary pledge:

Finally, someone planted a bug in my ear about the Games Workshop Inner Circle event, which looks a bit like Armies on Parade, except with a grand prize of a trip to GW North American HQ in Dallas for some kind of delightful shinding. As the manager at my local store basically told me that I will be participating and have no say in the matter, I guess there's one more deadline coming up that I need the cult to be eye-popping for!

Here's a facebook link that might not work to images of the info packet from my local GW.

How is everyone else faring with Squaduary?


  1. Wow, that looks like some serious progress, and top job on the wrack conversion, very cool!

    1. Thanks, Nick, but it's basically dryfit+glue. Still need to find some time to smooth it all over with greenstuff. However, you can see from that that it's a pretty easy conversion to carry off if you're not finicky about details and de-tzeenching the guys.

  2. Yes please do a tutorial for that weathering technique! Also what did you use to make those barrels for the new dactylis?

    1. I will do with the tutorial, IGM!

      For the barrels, that's a little trickier. They're really old pieces I picked up in Japan when I was living there in 2010-11. They are made of plasticard/sheet styrene, and I believe they're channels that come in all kinds of sizes for hiding cables. Not sure how available they are elsewhere. They're much larger than standard sheet styrene shapes/tubes.

  3. Awesome progress. Wow you are doing so much! I paint like 2 marines a week haha.

    1. AIRBRUSHES, Greg! Also, unrealistic work schedule of late with lots of time for modeling. I'm still ashamed I haven't done more :P

  4. Great work. My own squad has had no work done on it this week, been too busy. Hopefully I'll get some done over the weekend.

  5. Looking very well there chief. I'd like to see a quick run down of that technique and all.

    1. Awesome. I'll be sure to share. It is really very easy. 2-3 colours of rust, one boltgun or mithril metal, and gryphonne sepia wash. Done.