Friday, December 30, 2016

Paint Yoshit Challenge

Hi Everybody!

It's Brother.P  (brother of Mr.Pink)

If I'm good at one thing, its driving my brother crazy. Last time I challenged him, he put me in my place and got a bunch of Genestealer Cult miniatures painted, and won some Gal Vorbak for his troubles. When I was given a similar challenge to paint Blood Angel Scouts, I majorly failed... Now I'm stuck buying my own Word Bearer Shoulder pads.

Anyways, this year I've got a new competition. From January until the end of March, Mr.Pink and I will compete to see who can get more models finished. This competition is just two brothers trying to finish the most models to put the other to shame.

last model I painted before this comp. starts

We're calling it the "Paint Yoshit Challenge" or the P.Y.C.

Quantity is not necessarily quality, therefor the winner will be decided by readers of this blog. Whichever month comes after March, we'll each post a gallery of everything that was painted. Readers vote for which of us produced the more/better looking stuff, and the winner issues a challenge to the loser which must be completed during 2017.

This is a competition I'm bound to win! My problem with the earlier challenge of painting Scouts, was that after a couple days I wanted to bail on that project and paint something completely different. This challenge, it doesn't matter what I paint, if it is cool or interesting, hopefully I can lure more votes my way.

Mr.Pink is a fiend when it comes to conversions, and in this competition, it'll only slow him down. Finally, I want the readers to realize; if their votes makes Mr. Pink win, then he'll order me to do something, BUT if I win I have an inside scoop of wondrous conversion that have been on the back burner, or have been sitting in Mr.Pink's mind waiting to be realized. I could potentially order him to convert some Gal Vorbak, or finish his amazing Tyrannofex, which he started before there even was a Tyrannofex model!! (voteforme)

However, if you vote for Mr. Pink and he wins, he'll probably order me to finish the Kroot Tyranid hunter he made for my birthday, years back, so that might be a reason to vote for him.
[I'm actually painting this DURING the P.Y.C]

Whoever wins, hopefully we will both churn out some cool, painted models for your viewing pleasure in the process!

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