Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Tyranid Archive: Birth of the Bugs

It's been nearly a year since my last Tyranid Archive post, and it's likely time for another, so welcome back to Tyranid Archive Wednesdays!

This is a repost of scans that were sent in to Faeit 212 by Deejay, but for the sake of the completeness of my Tyranid Archive series, I wanted to post them up here as well. They break the chronological flow of the previous articles, but I hope you'll forgive me that!

It's amazing to look back at some of this stuff (apparently from 1992) now, 20 years later, when the majority of the Tyranid line is in beautiful plastic. Most interesting to me is some of the art included, which I've never seen before. Even though these sketches are ancient, there may still be some inspiration for modern-day bugs hiding therein.

Also, this is a nice flash back to when the Genestealer Cults were actual forces. Here's hoping they return to tables again soon!

Here are the scans. I'd recommend opening them in a new tab/window so that you can actually read them.


  1. Fantastic!I'll make with the images a pdf!^^

  2. I love old documents. And the photos are fun too. I especially like looking back at things from the past and looking at what people thought was "Cool" back then, especially when they fantasize about the future.

  3. XNtr3k, are you dissing the Screamer Killer...?! Because that ancient shtuff IS cool, and I'll have NONE OF THAT in this establishment! :)

    I also dug up a 1997 Citadel catalogue the other day. I thought about posting scans of that for a laugh...until I realized that the eldar jetbike in there and the eldar jetbike on the current GW site are one and the same. I'm not one to make eldar players cry at their 15+-year-old models.

  4. Thanks for collecting these. I didn't play Tyranids back then (was hardly born at that point) but this makes for a great read nonetheless. Here's to hoping for the return of Genestealer Cults!

  5. Huh, is the Magus the cheapest Level 4 Psyker in Rogue Trader? Level 4 Inquisitors from Slaves To Darkness were 250+. I never had a chance to play Rogue Trader but that seems a bit strong. The 1 wound is a balancing factor I guess.

    1. Not a clue, Sean! I never touched Rogue Trader!