Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project Pyrovore


I can't remember where the conversation took place, but somewhere along the way I was talking to someone about how very useless Pyrovores were in the current Tyranid Codex incarnation. We were joking that about the only thing they seemed to be of any use for was to function like Banelings from Starcraft.
Put them in a Mycetic Spore, drop them in the middle of some marines, and hope that they fry a couple before they get shot to shit and are forced to detonate.

...Except, they can't even be relied upon to do that as they'll only blow if struck by a weapon that insta-kills them, and then only on a 4+.

Utterly so.

Still, the comedic idea of repping Pyrovores with Banelings stuck in my mind, and since I figured I could put them together with a few bits, some tinfoil, and some putty, why not take a stab? So here's my run at the first one.
I'm not entirely sold on it, mostly because of how massive the 'Fex head is, but I'll pursue it for now and try for something different on the next one.

The legs also look a little weedy, but, really, that is likely just my frustration at the uselessness of Pyrovores made manifest :P
I must also cite Bocks' Hive Mite as further inspiration for this as it is a far sexier proxy for a Baneling:


  1. OMG he's sculpting a Tyranid?! How long has it been since the Tyranid mojo flowed? Tyranid mojo shortage has been a pandemic due to the lackluster codex. My Tyranid mojo has been in the slumps too. I still gotta hit you up for that Tyranid Prime I won when the time is right, as in the mojo be flowing hehe.

  2. Nice go, Pinky. I have to day though that the head looks a little huge for the rest of the body ;) Or at least still too fexy. Maybe you should give the headplated the back-carapcae appearance?

  3. :) Thanks Krewl! Now that my Nid Mojo is back, I've been giving a lot of thought to the prime of late, so worry not! But, yes, I was just looking at the Nid 'dex the other day, making sure that the Pyrovores were as utterly useless as I'd thought, and YES. The book is wholly uninspiring these days :(

    DAS HYDRA! Did I talk to you about pyrovores as banelings?
    Yes. You're right. The head is a problem. I'm not sure what you mean by "give the headplated the back-carapcae appearance?", but I just ripped the rounded fex head carapace off and will be sculpting in something more angular. I've also started on a second baneling using a warrior head instead, but I worry that one is too small. We'll see.

  4. Looking forward to the pyroling fix!

    With the rate GW has been pumping out new books, I don't think we have to wait too long for our new one. I bet the mojo will flood the internets again when that happens! I have been in a yay Daemons mood lately with my mojos! I love the new book!