Saturday, March 02, 2013

More Chaos: Hydra's Demons for Sale

Howdy! I'll be dabbling in chaos a little longer, apparently. Everything seems to be demons these days, so why should modern synthesist be any different ;)

First up, if you saw the previous post about my brother's run at converting some flamer models for nurgle, you'll understand just how clueless the two of us are when it comes to chaos/demons. Having since read some of the Demon rumours, I now understand that there is no way Tzeentch would ever give Nurgle a gift of anything. Woops. Here I was thinking Nurgle and Slaanesh were opposed on the chaos wheel on account of all that rot not being very sensual/aesthetic!

Apology done, it's time to get onto the real focus of this article: Hydra's phenomenal demon models. You can read his post about them over on the H-Archive here. You already know that I think the boy is a genius, but I figured I'd repost these images as further proof. I'm particularly fond of the way he has made sure to add at least one large monstrosity to each squad. This stuff is pretty inspiring, and I've already got a want for some Horror mouths for some coven-related ideas.

Anyway, here are the models.

Some of the WiP shots are a little fuzzy, but I've included them because they show that the vast majority of this army is scratch sculpted. It's a good thing Hydra hasn't got any "How to Sculpt" articles up on his site as he would blow mine out of the water!

One more thing: if you like these models, then you should contact Hydra or go post a comment over on his blog because all of these units are for sale. Now THAT'S an opportunity!

I'll start with the Flamers, which are mostly just Apoxie Sculpt!
These ones are easily my favourites:
Featuring this fantastic demon champion/princess/thing:

What do you think of them? Think you want to add any of them to your collection? ;)

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