Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Hallowe'en, Fleshcrafters!

I wanted to wish all of the fleshcrafters and monster makers out there a happy hallowe'en. To celebrate this most haemonculic of holidays, I carved a pumpkin in honour of my cult, using a sigil design that Brother Pink has been developing for the Coven of the Unmarred.

It's meant to represent the juxtapositions within the fluff of my coven: the idea that the Archon of Flesh and his inner circles are beautiful and unmarred, while the rest of the coven is made up of masked, twisted masses.

Using a very poke-y tool, I painstakingly pointilized that design onto my pumpkin, then went to town with some wood carving chisels. It was my first time using chisels on a pumpkin, and I HIGHLY recommend it if you're planning anything amazing with squash.

Here's hoping you had some hallowe'en themed projects of your own!

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