Friday, October 02, 2015

Coven Mandrake Conversion (Flesh Friday)

Remember this guy?

He was my attempt at my first coven-ified mandrake, based on the idea that if there was a soul-sucking Cronos Parasite Engine, there must—therefore—be Cronos parasites somewhere who were bred up to Engine size/capability. I figured what better place for these soul-sucking parasites to live than in the slot reserved for mandrakes.

Anyway, he now has a whole posse to terrorize the neighbours with:
Including a spooky Night Haunter that is emerging from the shadow of an Eldar Guardian:

Some of their eldritch tattoos turned out better than others, but I'm pretty happy with them overall :)
That being said, anyone who's hung around this blog knows that I've a penchant for not leaving well enough alone and for diving into the deep end with concepts. That has lead me to realize that these Cronos parasites with the ability to phase in and out of reality (yes, I'm giving them mandrake tendencies now) could fit all kinds of slots in the Dark Eldar force org through their various stages of maturation / evolution.

More on that next time, but for now: here's my first stab at the most immature form of the Cronos parasite:

...The thing gives me the heebie jeebies, so I hope he creeps you folks out as well.

I figure that, in game, a swarm of these guys could play the roll of a Razorwing Flock.

However, like I said, I've got ideas about a whole big happy Cronos family, so be sure to stay tuned for NEXT Flesh Friday, when things will take a decided turn for!


  1. Very nice. Love the idea. Makes me want to try to make my own cronos and mandrakes. Awesome.

  2. You should ABSOLUTELY make your own Cronos and Mandrakes! I've had a ton of fun messing around with these guys and taking further stabs at what different models would look like after having been afflicted with the Cronos parasite.

    Next week you'll see what I've come up with for a fully-realized converted Cronos >:)

  3. Great stuff. I particularly like the idea and execution of that Night Haunter. Nightmarish and surreal.

  4. I love love love this. Freaking AWESOME! Such character and evilness!

  5. @Monkeychuka Thanks! I feel like I'm sold on the concept, but not 100% sold on my execution thereof. I was worried about the Nighthaunter being too big since I used a carnifex bit as the base for it, but, now that they're mounted on flying stands, I worry that the Haunter is too small in comparison to the other 'drakes and gets kind of lost... That or it seems like I beardily modeled the squad leader to be smallest of the bunch :P

  6. @Greg fantastic! Character and evilness is definitely what I'm going for. This week my brand new airbrush arrived, so I've been banging my head against the wall trying to learn the airbrush while doing my best to translate the character and evilness of these models to their paint scheme, while also trying to make them look like living shadows. I feel like the only thing I've really accomplished is learning that GW foundation paint has no place in an airbrush, no matter how much you try to dilute it :/

    1. Don't be too hard on yourself and the airbrush. The airbrush is a harsh mistress. It requires not only insane amounts of brush time, but also the slow and steady knowledge of how to deal with each individuals brush/paint/environment peculiarities.

      I like P3 paints with airbrush medium in mine (as probably my favorite). Vallejo air is a good starting point to get an idea of how thin things should be.

      It's a LOT of patience and practice though...and buy yourself a spare needle or two.