Friday, November 06, 2015

October Modeling Vow Complete (Flesh Friday)

Though it's the case that I didn't finish this modeling vow IN October, it is the case that I MADE the vow on something like October 16th, so I'll call that a victory.

On that day, I vowed to my Dark Kin on The Dark City forum that, come end of October, I would have finished:

- Building and converting my first squad of Grotesques
- Painting a 10-man squad of Kabalite Hunters
- Painting 1 Haemonculus
- Painting 5 Mandrake Cronos Parasites
- Painting 1 Cronos Parasite Engine
- Painting 3 Reavers

Here are the results:

1 Squad of Grotesques: BUILT!

10 Kabalite Hunters: PAINTED!

1 Converted Haemonculus: PAINTED!

5 Mandrake Cronos Parasites: PAINTED!

1 Cronos Parasite Engine: PAINTED!

 3 Reavers: PAINTED!

...and that is the most models I have painted in a LONG LOOOONG time, so I'm feeling pretty accomplished about it.

Now, onto November! For my November pledge, I hope to...

- Build 10 converted Wracks
- Finish converting 1 Coven Raider that's been sitting around for a LOOOONG time
- Finish converting 1 Talos-ified Venom
- Paint 5 Coven Nurses (Wych stand-ins)
- Paint 1 Haemonculus
- Paint 1 Raider as a ride for the Kabalite Hunters
- Paint 3 Grotesques

This is what they look like at this point:

What are your modeling vows for October? I feel like these vows are really great ways to keep on task, so please share your own!


  1. Very, very nice. I was missing my flesh friday fix! I love all of them, but especially the cronos and the mandrakes. Those are amazing. I really like your bug-headed warriors too. All very cool. You are on a roll. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, great stuff dude. You has smashed it this month. Great to see your stuff getting painted, it looks amazing

  3. Royce, I'm sorry it was so late in the day (I was literally whipping it together as I was meant to be leaving for the cottage), but it warms my cold Haemonculus heart to know you look forward to Flesh Friday.

    Brother Pink and I are currently collaborating on some interesting new content for the blog, so keep an eye open for that...

    NafNaf: Dude. I would not have smashed anything had you not motivated me with your October Vow challenge on the board. THANK YOU for that, and thank you for the love on my painting. It helps me keep inspired to keep on plugging away at it as its my least favourite part of the creative process >:P