Friday, March 23, 2012

Grotesques from Bio-Terrors: Mission Accomplished

Well, last June I started in on my first models for the Haemonculus Coven, and they were destined to be Grotesques. I based them on Paulson Games' Bioterror models, and from four identical models, I managed to squeeze out the four following original poses:

I've kind of surprised myself with how well they turned out. I had begun to stall on them, and then I got to the arms, and--BAM!--just like that they started to really come together. It was the inspiration that got me to the finish line...which is where we stand now. They're done. Done done. And it feels pretty damn good :)

Without further gum-flapping, here are the completed photos of them:

As indicated in the first photos, I also completed the pain counters for the unit, but more on that soon.


  1. These came out awesome, when you'd first mentioned doing several models all off the same pose I was a bit curious how you were going to pull it off as I thought the muscle structure might prove limiting. You really did nail it home on the squad though and they all look very unique & individual. Awesome work and it was incredibly cool to see how you recycled the bodies.

  2. HA! Considering you're the one who originally sculpted the basis Bio Terrors, I consider that HIGH PRAISE, Mechdude. They were a pleasure to work with, and they gave me a good jumping off point to do as much or as little as I wanted with them.

    It's just a shame that I can't recommend them to anyone as you're not casting them anymore :(
    Any hope of some replacements?