Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Catching the Bug: Quick and Dirty Mycetic Spores

After playing a game of 40k for the first time in what feels like a billion years at the Ajax GW 40K 25th Anniversary, I've kind of gotten bitten by a bug to get back to my bugs with the end goal of actually getting them on the table and playing some games with them. That has meant some stripping and some basing...

...but mostly I have been wishing I had some actual mycetic spore models to put on the table. Though I've got fully sculpting and possibly casting my own spores on the back burner, based on the original design I came up with for the Casavant Prime board, I wanted something that could be done quicker to stand in in the interim.

I had some of my cast Tyranid Barricades lying around that I wasn't using, so I propped them up on some extra insulation foam, covered over them with some Apoxie sculpt to make it look like ploughed-up dirt, and VOILA!

I clipped one of the barricade bits to add a bit of a tail overhead, and I'll be using this to mount the ranged weapons options for each pod.

I also did a bit of sculpting inside the pods to show the gribbly, smashed-apart remains of the crashed pod. I'm REALLY happy with how that turned out, particularly the one with the tentacles that makes me think of the creepy Creature Thing from the end of the Watchmen comic (not the movie). The idea is that these are the "fanged maws" described on the Mycetic Spore descriptions in the codex.

They're quick, they're dirty, but in the end I think they'll be decent stand-ins for Mycetic Spores that still bring a little bit of original class with them. In terms of scale they're based on plasticard that has been cut to the size of Trygon bases. They don't do much to block line of sight, but I think they take up enough area on the board to afford you a decent amount of room for deploying around them :)


  1. At first glance I thought the ploughed-up dirt was rolls of flesh. Do you think that someone making a Tyrannofex could use left over chest bursting babies from the un-used Tervigon bits for a pod?

  2. I'd say "yeah". You'd just have to use some spare carapace plates to cover up the gaping hole in the back of the sack where it's meant to attach to the Tervigon. I might not be the best person to ask as I've got a chip on my shoulder when it comes to representing Mycetic Spores with fleshy sacs that could never survive falling through a planet's atmosphere >:)