Friday, February 10, 2012

WRACKing my brain for more puns

This has all lain dormant for far too long, and I'm not sure I can really blame the trip back across the Atlantic and Christmas/New Years for it anymore.

Fortunately, though I haven't updated the bloggerino in quite some time, I have not been idle. So, with this return to Flesh Friday also comes an update on my progress with the Wracks!

And what an update it is as four of the little nasties are now nearing completion. Huzzah!

These two kids you've seen before, though they've come a little further:





This guy is a new addition to the near-completed pile:


And this guy came together over the space of an evening, and he may be by new favourite:


One more model, the squad leader, seems to have gone from non-existant to near-completed rather quickly.

I wanted him to be a bit beefier than his counterparts, so I added some plasticard spacers down the middle of him, as well as one through his skirt to give him a bit more height. Where everyone else has got one spinal growth, he has got two, and I intend for him to have a full forest of ampoules/drug cylinders sprouting from his back to show how jacked up he is.


He also allowed me to follow down an idea I'd initially had for Tyranid Warrior Boneswords, where there would be a spinal-cord-like growth coming down the creature's arm and growing into the blade. I was randomly cutting up some plasticard, and some dagger-like shapes popped out, so I gave this bloke dueling bone daggers!

I've still got to sculpt on some detail/armour, but he's getting near finished.

I've started in on the squad's single Liquifier, though I figure that the guy up above with the giant tank on his back and the syringe on his forearm could stand in for a second, if need be.

The other four, well they're not as far along just yet, but they are coming along nicely.

I must commend the anonymous individual who posted on here way back when asking if I was going to add bolts to the Wracks Mascks (ha!). At the time I thought "Well, that's a silly idea. Why on earth would I do that!?", but then I took a run at it the other night, and I wound up being rather impressed with how it turned out. It adds some more detail to the masks while also seeming to draw on all of the Hellraiser inspiration that Bob had sent me.

So, a big thanks to you, oh mysterious stranger!


  1. How do you make the spines please?

  2. It's super easy! Just check out this video tutorial I made: