Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Behold! Monstrous New Nid Plastics!

Likely, everyone is spamming these across the blogosphere right now, but, in case you haven't seen them, and for the sake of posterity: the photos for the new Tyranid plastics leaked today.

First up, the big bugs we've all been waiting for (updated with better photos, compliments of a Spanish Forum):


It's a bit irresponsible to comment on the models from these crappy, WD scans, but where is the fun in being responsible.
Though I'm not sure I'm sold on the heads or the veritable forest of Vents/Toxic Miasma chimneys, I am happy that they elected to use a slightly hierophant-like positioning for the both of them. Further, I'm excited to see what other bits are available in the kits. Here's hoping that all of the Tyrannofexes gun options are represented.

Next up, Sir Surprise Release. People had been noticing that the tyrant kit had been conspicuously absent from the GW site for some time now,  but I feel like the news of a plastic Tyrant kit came kind of out of the blue.
 Swarmlord above, normal Tyrants below
A Winged Tyrant

Looks, pretty much, like a straight translation from pewter/finecast to plastic. Like with the Tervi/Tyranno kit, I am most excited to see what alternate heads/options are included on the sprues. What I am most excited about from these photos are the new, dagger-like boneswords on the Swarmlord Tyrant. Those have some real possibilities when it comes to equipping warriors with boneswords :)

What do you think of the kits?

EDIT: Here's an update with some more pictures that have been leaked. Most interesting is the bonesword/bonesword-lashwhip kit...though it is EXPENSIVE!


  1. I dig them, but it only took them how long???

  2. So which kit do you want more?

  3. It's a good question. One would think that the obvious answer would be the far larger, Tyrano/Tevigon kit which seems destined to be the next Plastic-Carnifex-level workhorse of the Tyranid converter.

    However, that plastic Tyrant kit...I feel like all those bits make for a whole slew of possibilities. I see a Harpy in there, and a walking Tyrant, and extra legs for some massive Tyrant Guard, and a whole pile of Bonesabres that will be far more inspiring on Warriors than those poor finecast swords.

    So...yeah. Plastic Tyrant kit is my bet.

    How about you?