Friday, February 17, 2012

How Grotesque!

As a follow-up to last week's Flesh Friday, here is the progress I've made on the Grotesques. I feel that the progress on the Wracks has been more transformative, overall, while any progress on the Grotesques has been small and fiddly. That being said, I gave then a similar photographic treatment to the one I've given the Wracks, so at least this will give you a better look at them:

First up, the squad leader is got a case of the Banes:

...and by that, of course, I mean that he looks to be fairly hopped up on steroids, as he should be :)
Not sure what to do with his arms yet, but I'm thinking of giving him a bonesword of the type the Wrack squad leader has...that or some kind of hideous gauntlet that could stand in for any of the options in the Codex.

Next, his second in command, who will be receiving some nice bladed arm weapons, compliments of the Talos kit:

Next, The Rack, who is tasked with following Mr. Bladey around and cleaning up after him. I've added rings to that overgrown spinal rack he's got, and these will accommodate various trophies/body parts mounted on meathooks and chains, like that head he's currently got swinging around. As I think I mentioned before, he will be in the process of stringing up a fresh victim.

And, finally, the Liquifier, who I am most impressed with right now. I'm in the process of sculpting him an atrophied, warped left claw hand to brace the big ol sprayer.

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