Saturday, December 10, 2011

ABOMINATION! (More Grotesque progress)

This Flesh Friday is a little late, but here it is nonetheless. From here on out my sporadic updates may get all the more sporadic as I'll be undertaking a big ol move from the UK back to Canada next week, and I'm not sure how quickly I'll be able to get back into a consistent modeling groove.

Some modest progress to report on the Grotesques. They've all got beefy necks now with Talos masks attached, and all of them who were waiting for spines to be sculpted onto their upper backs now have them. I've also started on some armour plates for a second grotesque:

This guy will wind up being the squad leader, which is why he's got the funkier mask.

Here's a start on a liquifier that a Grotesque would actually want to carry (the other ones are far too dinky):

And now for what the title was referring to: The ABOMINATION! No, not the named Grotesque squad leader, but rather the trophy carrier/meat rack for the squad:

I've finally finished sculpting over all of the wire I'd worked into the exposed spine, and I've sculpted detail onto the bit connecting it to the back in the middle. All that's left is to give the man some hands and to finish the fun work of hanging all kinds of grizzly trophies from all of those bone-y outgrowths. Though it's tough to photograph them, here are my attempts:

The intent of the posture was to make it look like he was carrying a bit of weight on the bone racks, but I'm also intending to have him picking appart a victim to hang up on his trophy racks. I'm hoping that he'll wind up being a pretty good centrepiece for the unit.


  1. Man, that's crazy work! I don't say things like this lightly (I don't think I've ever said it), but have you ever thought of doing this professionally? Even just an odd sculpt, here and there, thrown on ebay?
    Also, what's the light brown in the first photo? I'd guess there's some apoxie sculpt in there, but I'm not certain.

  2. Mr. Pink already has a profession... he's a professional crook. Haven't you seen Reservoir Dogs?