Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Paint Yoshit Challenge: Week 2 Update

Soooo, after feeling good about my first week of this challenge, which was bolstered by two solid days of work afforded by new years, I feel like this week's progress was more realistic.

Completed This Week:

Nothing :(

In Progress:

- The same 3 Neophytes and 6 Acolytes I started last week. I've resigned myself that I HATE EDGE HIGHLIGHTING CHINTIN! Clearly this is why I had such a long hiatus after painting Tyranids for so long. I am not looking forward to the fact that I still have 20-some Acolytes to paint for my army, all of them as chintinny as these bastards. That being said, I am pretty happy with the way the red accents and teal of their chintin is popping.

This also showed me that painting Neophytes is easy and I shouldn't have been so proud of my progress last week. Things still left to do on these guys: their skin, sigils, and, of course, the finicky process of adding the OSL highlights to make it look like their shoulder lights are shining. Present Pinky is pretty pissed at Past Pinky for deciding THAT would be a good idea >:(

- My 12 Neophyte Enforcers went under the airbrush, and I gave them a red wash. I wasn't able to source the Secret Weapon red washes I was hoping for, so I tried Ruby. It turned out even more drab than GW's red wash, which was disappointing. I'm looking for a really vibrant one, so I guess I'll have to wait until my FLGS restocks its secret weapon :P

Next up on these guys is blacking out their weapons and paints, then highlighting black, applying metalics, and doing their faces. I feel like they should be pretty quick to finish...which sounds a lot like famous last words :P


- Came up with a pretty beastly design for my Hybrid Metamorphs. I'm only fielding 5 of them with crushing claws, so I thought I could push the boat out a bit and make them look different from Acolytes. I also wanted to pick up more of the fact that my cult is meant to be bladed cog, so they should include more nods to admech. I may have pushed the boat out a little too far with this guy as he stands taller than an aberrant! Here are some more views:

- I need lots of Rocksaws for my list, so I tried to squeeze a couple more out my my two Acolyte kits, and they were happy to oblige! I have no interest in either the other heavy mining weapons, or the drill dozer blade on the Goliath in its current configuration, so I stole some saw blades, and cut down the mining weapons so they could fit. I'm pretty happy with the look so far, but still need to greenstuff up some guards for the weapons. 


  1. Looking good! I was thinking of an orange scheme for my own Cult, it's quite striking and effective on the models.

    1. Yes, it is...
      Ideally, I'd like those guys to be more red crimson, and I feel like they look slightly redder in real life, but I am concerned about the orange. Here's hoping I can remedy it with the right Secret Weapon wash :P

  2. Ordinarily I'd want to do this sort of red/orange scheme across my own cultists but I decided I want some wearing orange clothing and some wearing red so they're more rag tag than organised. So I;ve had to be far more focussed on the differentiation between the two. That said I think what you've done is awesome and makes me regret my own decisions!

    1. Nawwww, Dave. You did well! These guys are meant to be a top tier of my cult. I have a different section that is meant to be ragtag, unwashed masses, and I have yet to decide how to paint them. I'm 50% on painting them all in matching cloaks, which are still a bit different from my rank and file cultists, and 50% that I should paint them all in different motley colours to show their individuality.

      So I'm keen to see some shots of yours for inspiration! Do you have a blog/twitter/tumblr/instagram?

    2. Thanks Mr Pink, y'know it was your own Tyranid defence line that prompted me to try my hand at sculpting my own back in 2012 [y'know right before the world was supposed to end]

      Without your inspiration I'd have never done them, the Bastion, or the Skyshield landing pad. I got better as I went along too, which is always nice. So thanks for all the inspiration. :)

    3. Dave, I think I remember you sharing details of your own Tyranid terrain initially, but it's good to be reminded!

      I've been trawling back through your "Tyranid" tagged posts on your blog, but figured it might be more expedient to ask you to link me to your posts about your progress building/sculpting your Tyranid terrain...