Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Yoshit Ain't Getting Painted Week 1 Update

Hi everbody.

Brother.P here, and I'm an idiot. We're a week into the challenge that I proposed, and for the first five days I had nothing to show. Mr. Pink was kicking my ass without breaking a sweat.

He suggested we post an update after the first week and I wanted to reach across the world and smack him... instead I hit the paints.

I don't want to bore everyone with 20+ mono-pose marines from 3rd edition that I need to paint. I decided to start work on 8 freaking sweet models. Having such a variety of model (which you're sure to see in the coming weeks) really goes well with my ADD. The moment I feel "painting space marines is boring" I can pick up a different model.

I only intend to post pictures of completed models. I'm hoping they'll have more affect swaying some votes my way. So I've converted a Slaanesh Daemonette to be closer to on the first iteration of the unit. 

if these don't scream Lord of Pleasure, I don't know what does 

The conversion is built on a 3rd edition Dark Eldar Mandrake Mr. Pink gave me. He lopped off the right arm, so I had to find some crab claws to replace it. A company called Spellcrow has some awesome bits, they call Pleasure Knight Claws. Admittedly, the claw is better suited to a space marine sized miniature, but I think it works.

I made this photo booth in 5 minutes, so it too is B.S

Leggings, a gimp mask and nipples; I knew this model would please the pleasure gods, but will it please the readers...

Mr. Pink got a preview of the model, and his sole complaint was that the sword is B.S. (Basically Shit), and he's right. It's plasticard, and it needed to be thick, because I pinned to the pewter hand.

I'm considering converting up a squad of 10 of these daemonettes. Mr.Pink has a ton of old, pewter Dark Eldar Wyches lying around, and they are certainly ugly compared to the amazing plastic range we have now, but they've got tights, massive breasts and whatnot, so they'd be perfect slaanesh daemonettes, they're basically what Slaanesh did with all those Eldar corpses lying around after It's birth.

The paint job is not my best, but honestly my mentality with painting is often; "FLICK IT, IT'S DONE." I swear, I'll put more work into my painting, but I needed something to show after this dismal week. Next week won't be much better, I'm away with work for the next 5 days. 

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