Friday, November 21, 2014

Coven Wyches Conversions - Nurses

I take this whole making a coven version of every unit in the codex thing seriously.

What's more, I'm not a fan of just slapping a tentacle or a atrophied talos arm on something and calling it a coven unit. For that reason, I still think I could have done better with the following unit of wyches. However, I'm not a huge fan of Wyches, particularly now that they've been depowered, so I figured I should just get this unit done with and move on.

Hence, slap some Talos arm on it!

Initially I had planned to have them all holding syringes, or to have their splinter pistols converted into something that looked more like a stinger pistol, but I've given up since it'd be a lot of work, and, like I said, Wyches are boring.
That being said, whether I am obsessed with the unit or not, I still wanted to make them pretty.
Very pretty, since they could be a good place to pick up on the Coven of the Unmarred Narcynogenesis process (not sure I'm spelling my own creation correctly there) fluff of using the secrets of the Haemonculi to make things beautiful.

Beautiful and horrific, that is.
As soon as I saw the Puppetswar promethean bride heads, I was sold. They're very "business in the front, horror in the back"with their porcelain faces seemingly stretched across some kind of mechanica/cyborg understuff. My Archon/Master Haemonculus is all about only welcoming beautiful faces into his presence, so these falsely-constructed beauties would make the perfect assistants (hence the name "Nurses") for his Haemonculi.

Plus, they do a good job of showing both the horror and beauty in my coven in just one model.
In terms of construction, they're pretty simple. Like with the Coven Hunters / Kabalite Warrior stand-ins, they use the wonderfully vial-ed-up Scourge torsoes to give the impression that they are benefiting form the close association with the Coven.
However, since wyches are supposed to be more pumped up on drugs than the average Dark Eldar, we needed to turn the vials up to 11. To make it happen, I hacked up another Scourge torso (bits orders are wonderful things) and cut out just the vial pieces from each side, then glued them into the voids on the Nurse's back left for the scourge wings.
Of all the modifications I made to these Nurses, I think the bristling thatch of vials on their backs is the aspect I like the most. That being said, I've only done the second set of vials on that one model, so expect them to be added to the still WIP Nurses in this article.

The heads are straight Puppetswar headswaps. The legs and splinter pistol arm are stock. The left arm is an atrophied Talos arm, which I still feel is a cop-out, but I'm not dedicated enough to wyches as a unit to give them my full wracks level of TLC.
Though the finished product is not world changing, I think it does a decent job of looking like a Wych that has had some extra twisting done to it to be more Coven-y.

What do you folks think?


  1. These look great mr P. I really like the puppets war heads, they work really well and help give that freaky feeling synonymous of the coven units.


  2. SpellCheck! Thanks for the love, fellow fleshcrafter.
    I think I make it pretty clear here, but this simple head/arm swap for repping Coven Nurses feels very much like mailing it in when compared to the effort I put in to most models. Therefore, I'm happy that a fellow Haemonculus thinks that they work. The heads are, basically, expressionless, but that really works for me with this project because they look so much like porcelain dolls.

    1. Sonetimes a simple head swap can be as effective as a massive conversion job. I think it is smart to save the love for something you really want to go hog wild for and use simple effective methods for more rank and file troops. They still look really good. I love the expressionless faces. Most def porcelain doll like.

    2. You're right, sir. And the reality is that the more I look at the Nurses, simple head swap or not, the more I like them.

  3. Those heads are they creep me out. Great find and great use of them!

    1. If they're creeping you out, then they're working, Greg ;)