Friday, November 07, 2014

Figuring Out Paint Schemes

When trying to decide on a paint scheme for my coven force, I knew that I wanted one that would be pretty light, almost white, because I wanted there to be lots of contrast when I elected to splash them up with some blood.

I wasn't really sure how I was going to do it until I cracked open the Haemonculus Covens books and spotted the following:
It was the colour scheme for the Hex, and it was PERFECT.

So I tried it out on one of my Wyches, which I'm calling "Nurses" (more on that later):

Here are the Warriors, which needed a different, darker scheme since they're meant to be the coven's hunters, striking from the shadows.

Though the warriors are going to have a distinct scheme from the rest of the coven forces, I still wanted there to be clear ties between them and the covenites. Thus, I tried to pick up the coven colours in the drug vials and the tabards/hanging hunks of skin on the warriors. Here's a shot of the two schemes side by side:

And the mandrakes are similarly dark, meant to be killer shadows. As I mentioned before, they're meant to be kind of reverse highlighted, with the deepest parts of them glowing a ghostly blue, and the extremities a shadowy black. I haven't really figured out how to do it easily or quickly, so any advice anyone might have would be helpful.


  1. No idea on the reverse highlights...but man is this stuff looking wicked AWESOME! Love this scheme!

  2. "Nurse" looks sweet, looking forward to seeing more

    1. @Rolz Not sure if you saw, but I just posted more about the Nurses:

  3. I did my mandrakes in a similar style, with glowing green runes. if the pattern is actually cut into the models, like the standard GW ones, then it's pretty simple, just paint the runes first then carefully paint the rest of the model around them.

    If it's just a painted pattern then I'd pencil on the patterns, then paint them in the basecoat white before filling with colour.

  4. Thanks for the love, folks! It's great to see people commenting.

    Nick, the bit with the runes being cut into the models is what I'm dealing with. It just feels finicky to try to paint around these parts :P