Monday, March 01, 2021

Project #SwarmSentinel: Building Better Tyrant Guards

Ever since Games Workshop delivered us second edition ant-style Tyranid Warriors carrying picnic tables as our Tyrant Guard models, Tyranid hobbyists have been on a quest for better Guards. Warren Beattie and Roberto Cirillo got us close with each of their concepts for Guards, but it wasn't until the current plastic kit that we got a decent model.

Decent, I say, but not perfect. 

Because, let's face it: when it comes to acting as a shield wall for a Hive Tyrant, the current plastic guard models look more like something that would be the Tyrant's dog.

If we want to keep our Tyrants safe, we have to think BIGGER:

So, with a decent kick in the ass from HydraCast's third party Guard model, I've started chasing down an idea I've had for a while of creating Tyrant Guard based on Carnifex or Hive Tyrant legs/pelvis parts. And I'm calling them Swarm Sentinels!

This is still a pretty rough sketch as a proof of concept, but I'm already excited about where it's heading! And despite there being a decent amount of HydraCast in this one, I'd say there's still at least as much GW plastic in there. 
Here's hoping I can get back to this one soon!

If you'd like to see more about the HydraCast model, I reviewed it on this Hobby Stream:

What do you think of the Swarm Sentinel concept?

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