Saturday, February 06, 2021

Xenos Alchemist: A Review of Tyranid Design with Moloch & Hydra - #CreatureConference

This one has been a long time in the making. Back in the beginning of the pandemic, Moloch, Hydra, and I sat down to conduct a review of the newer parts of the Tyranid line. It wound up being a bit of a survey of our collective thoughts on Tyranid design, where the newer kits have hit the mark, and where they might have missed. 

And, to save it from just being three grey beards bitching about other people's designs, I kept a little surprise up my sleeve for the end of the video: a challenge that would make the three of us put our money where our collective mouths were. 

I'll save the surprise for your viewing, but the reactions I got from the Germans were pretty fantastic!

Anyway, if you love Tyranids and converting them, this is the video for you!


  1. Interesting...
    Did you ever finish the challenge? I would love to see the result

    1. Good question!
      Short answer: no, we haven't finished yet.

      Long answer: what started as a challenge to simply finish these three models has since expanded into a weekly livestream on all things Tyranid and Xenos related, and I'm really enjoying this format and what comes out of it.

      So, though the models that sparked it all have not yet been completed, I honestly wouldn't change a thing about what the Creature Conference has become.

      And one day we'll get around to a "finish what you started" challenge to take these three models over the finish line!