Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Xenos Alchemist: Siege of Pech

We've got a brand new episode of mine and Brother Pink's Xenos Alchemist podcast for you today, and this one's a love letter to one of the best xenos races out there: the Kroot! In this episode we catch up on The Siege of Pech: a group project to stage a Krootvasion of the Adepticon 2021 Team Tournament, and we talk a little about what makes the Kroot so interesting.

This will be the first of two Siege of Pech episodes, and in our second one we hope to interview Ironbeak Mercenaries and That Kroot Guy: the two progenitors of this project.

For now, here's part one:


  1. Hi there ^^

    I went from some google searches for genestealer cult inspiration and I found your very interesting blog...

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    I took some time to visit differents topics of yours and I really love the sculpting tutos ^^

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  2. Glad you've enjoyed my Genestealer Cult work, et merci beaucoups for having added my blog to your site!