Friday, January 09, 2015

Raid Spoils: Coven Clawed Fiend and Urghul

I'm a member over on the All-Dark-Eldar message board, the Dark City, and every christmas they run a Christmas Raid. It's kind of like Secret Santa for the Dark Kin: each participant pledges to give a model-related gift of $20 value or more, and each participant makes a request for something they'd like in their army.

When I drew my "victim" for the raid, he had requested Clawed Fiends or Coven stuff, so I thought this was the perfect excuse to complete my proof of concept model for a feral Grotesque to represent a Clawed Fiend in an all-coven force. As I detailed in my previous post, I used a Vargheist/Crypt Horror as a basis for it, added in some Talos bits and a Nagash spine, some Greenstuff, and—BOOM—Grotesque Fiend:

However, I didn't feel like that was enough for a gift, so I also chased down another proof of concept model I'd been meaning to make: a Wrack-inspired Urghul. Both this model and the feral grot are meant to represent cast-off creations of the coven that proved too beastial or uncontrollable to be deployed as traditional servants of the fleshcrafters. Instead, these creatures are given to the Pitmasters (rep Beastmasters). In terms of recipe, he's got the left arm from an old Genestealer (YEAH BLUE PLASTIC), right arm from a new 'stealer, mouth from a new stealer, legs of a Bloodletter, torso of a Crypt Ghoul, and a cut mask from a Wrack.
I feel like they're kind of like a big and little brother: two sides of the same twisted coin.
And then, since I was late on getting the models shipped out, I threw in a bonus model since my victim had confessed he was a fan of my Mandrakes.
I was really happy with how the feral Grotesque and Wrack came out, so I'll definitely be making more of them. Though it doesn't really look the part, I might press the feral Wrack into service as a Khymera since I have this thing about my beast packs being a carnival of horrors. However, I've also been rolling around the idea of a giant Hemavore to rep a Khymera.

We'll see >:)


  1. cool kitbashes. thats why your one of the best of the best though. always got something good and these are no exception.

    1. Thank you for the praise, Samus. I love kitbashing more than anything, which frustrates Brother Pink as he's always trying to get me to actually paint my completed models. However, I just want to keep on bashing!

      My next kit that I'm eager to bash is the rumoured Storm Vermin, which look like they would be perfect for some beefy grots or a new kind of Talos >:)

  2. Seriously, that clawed fiend conversion is awesome! I am so gonna have to steal that idea

    1. DO. IT.

      How are you going to make it fit into the Carnival, though? Put a mane on it and make it a Lion man?

      Seriously, though. You need to use some of those High Elf lions as your clawed fiends, with a lion tamer as your beastmaster!

  3. I wasn't so fond of the little guy (Urghul) until I saw him next to the big guy. Then he became as good as the others, which is plenty. They did indeed look like brothers or perhaps a before and after version of the same creature. "This is you. This is you on evil space drugs."

    1. "This is you on evil space drugs."

      Perfect! Well, I guess that seals it: the two of them need to remain in the same squad so they can compliment each other, so the little guy will have to rep a Khymera :)

      I'll have to go with my other option for repping Urghuls: Some of my kabalite hunters (the bug eyed warriors) that have merged with Cronos parasites so that they can phase in and our of reality!

  4. Very cool!
    I've just found your site, spent a few hours working through your archives. Very inspiring.

  5. Great Rob! Welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm on a bit of a hiatus now, but Brother Pink is keeping the hobby fires burning...and he's continuing to remind me of the projects I have on the go that need to be finished...

    I hope you find something useful for you here!