Friday, May 29, 2015

Brother Pink

So Pink!
Hi Everybody!

I’m Brother Pink, brother of Mr. Pink!

I probably live further away from Mr. Pink than anyone else who frequents his site.

This site for me has always been about connecting with my brother and scoring some sweet eye-crack. A few months back I gave him a ton of grief because I wanted more posts on Modern Synthesist… and as all older bros do; he put me in my place.

The man is busy. I’m doing a ton of stuff in the hobby now and Mr. Pink suggested I post it up on here.


This is a sweet Gundam Arm cost me $30!

I’m going to call my submissions “Brass Tax”, because I think it’s hilarious. “Brass Tax” is all about cutting costs and correcting [GW’s] mistakes.

I will focus more on Imperial factions [hence ‘Brother’ Pink] and I would prefer to post projects once they have been completed. Getting my stuff painted is a priority.

I’ve seen posts online commenting about the cool Kroot Tyranid Hunter Mr. Pink made [as a present to me] and someone said ‘I can’t wait to see it painted’.

Yeah… the sculptor is still putting some finishing touches on it.

Anyhoo, I’m not a good painter. I’m doing tabletop quality. I’ve been ‘doing’ Warhammer since 1996 [I’ve got the catalog to prove it] I have been limited by my painting ability. I held out for years because I was never pleased with my work. I no longer care… and it turns out waiting all these years actually made me a little better at painting. 

Don’t Believe me? Then read my [Officially Sanctioned] article;

“Brother Pink, How do you get your Reds so Red?”

"Daleed, did you steal that Hunter Killer Missile?"


  1. good, good *rubs hands together in anticipation* will have more stuff to read and more pictures to ogle.