Friday, October 28, 2011

Power from Pain: Coven Pain Counters

I've been rolling around ideas for pain counters for the coven for some time. One of the things I love most about the Haemonculus covens is the way that they seem to twist and sculpt bone and spines. I started thinking about how this sculpting must be driven by pain, so what better way to represent pain counters than with a victim who is being sculpted into some kind of grisly trophy by the pain that a squad is collecting?

Hideous? Certainly! And, for that reason, perfect for the Coven >:)

I intend to do three unique counters for each squad, but they are all going to be in this vein: the same individual/corpse who becomes increasingly twisted to indicate additional pain tokens.
I made this first set using mostly bits from the flagellant sprue with the third counter being made of ghoul bits. I intend to go back and add some more details to the ghoul (hair, arm shackles, collar, some rags) to make it look more like the first two. It was essential to me that it was clear this is the same individual, going through successive stages of pain. Here's a look at the progression:

Of course, I will also be sculpting in gribbly bits like intestine and flesh, as well as horny growths on the spine/bones.

Here's a final look at them all together:


  1. You are my greatest Idol! I love your way you sculpt and paint. Would be fantastic to get some tips and advices! I got a question, what kind of wires are these? You said guitar wires before but I cant find any that look alike those you use. Thanks and please check out my website!

  2. I believe they are wires for Bass electric guitars. I buy them in music stores in little paper envelopes.