Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Art of the V&A: Miniatures & Inspiration

Japanese Miniatures VnA_3089
While in London earlier this week, we stopped by the Victoria & Albert Museum near Knightsbridge in London. I'd never been on my previous trips to London, and I'd really been missing out. If anyone is located anywhere near London, I'd recommend heading down soon to check out the very inspiring Power of Making exhibit (pictured above) that is on for a limited time.

Power of Making from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.

It's a random collection of fantastic creations by modern artists (from miniature sculptures carved into the lead of pencils to giant, wooden exosuits designed so Steven Hawking could fight crime), and though the exhibition is small, it has an inspiring focus on the act/process of creation, rather than on the finished products themselves. I spent like 40 minutes in the small gallery and came out with a burning urge to MAKE SOMETHING.

While at the V&A, I also stumbled across some mind-numbingly intricate Japanese carvings that I thought bore sharing with folks who appreciate tiny little things. Here's hoping they can provide someone with some inspiration!

Japanese Miniatures VnA_3110
Japanese Miniatures VnA_3116
Japanese Miniatures VnA_3114
Japanese Miniatures VnA_3100
Japanese Miniatures VnA_3095
Japanese Miniatures VnA_3105
Japanese Miniatures VnA_3103
Japanese Miniatures VnA_3117

The entire set can be viewed here.

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