Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Art of Jutami

The concept series is my schizophrenic attempt to shine light on the art that inspires me. I always do some of my best work when working from concept sketches. I find the hard lines and white space conducive to creation as they give you just enough definition to get you going, while still leaving space to do your own thing. Here's hoping you find these sketches as helpful and inspiring as I do.

The next installment in the Concept Series comes from another fairly recent addition to the Warpshadow forums: Jutami. He gained people's attention with his big beastie conversions--particularly his very heavily armoured Swarmlord. He also caused a fair few eyes to bug out when he revealed his clean, masterfully-applied, nearly luminous paint scheme. And, most recently, he rose to the task when forum admin Hive Node asked for artist on the board to contribute their pen-and-pencil renderings of Tyranids for the inspiration of other bugs on the board.

He seems to prefer pen and ink where others have favoured pencils, and most of the stuff he posted have been rough sketches in and around other drawings. That being said, I really dig the roughness of the art, and I feel that his sketches portray Tyranids in a far more savage light than more clear concept sketches do. In addition to posting his models on the forums, he has also posted some pages from a comic he's calling "Absolution," which is meant to follow the exploits of his swarm. I feel like his sketches have a gritty comic style to them, but I can't really say what the hallmarks of a "gritty comic style" are :P

What's more, from his sketches it would seem that he's taken a fair bit of inspiration from Neon Genesis Evangelion, which I am ALL. ABOUT.

I call making sweet, sweet inspirational love to that Tyrannofex!

If you like the look of Jutami's work, he has been known to accept commissions and can be contacted via his Deviantart account.

As per usual, feel free to comment on Jutami's art, and if you know of another up-and-coming Tyranid artist who should be featured here, let me know. 


  1. Oooh... I'd seen some of the models, but those concept sketches are something else. Particularly digging the Unit 2/Swarmlord face. This is what I get for only checking Warpshadow sporadically during the school year.

  2. Tyranid6.jpg catches my eye the most. Is it a lictor or a broodlord? Either way, I'm liking the style. Kind of Mike Mignola, almost.