Friday, May 26, 2017

Xenos Alchemist: A Review of Tyranid Design

Today on the Xenos Alchemist podcast, we pour back through Tyranid history for a review of the Tyranid design aesthetic. This one should be of interest to anyone who followed my Tyranid Archive posts, or folks who have a morbid curiosity about which Tyranid models we love, and which we can't stand!

It's a long one, with ridiculous accents, but here's hoping you enjoy it!

UPDATE: Since Kym so helpfully suggested it in the comments on this post, here is a link to all of Mr. Pink's past Tyranid Archive posts. They're broken down by edition so you can get some visual references to go along with this podcast:

If you have any comments on this episode, please leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks, and happy listening!


  1. I found this podcast through between the bolter and me and I have to say, my dears, I really enjoyed it! I actually found the ridiculous accents to be highly amusing and though I have never had any interest whatsoever in tyranids before (and I've been playing since 2nd edition) I found myself browsing the online catalogues, planning an army in my head, so I must have caught the bug (ahem).

      Glad you found us, Kym, and that you enjoyed it. I had planned to make a visual companion to go along with the podcast to show all the models we were talking about, but it was taking soooooo long :(

      Since you're a fan of the ridiculous accents, we'll have to see if we can get them in there again in the future. That being said, Brother Pink uses a lot of accents in his easter egg fluff plays at the end of each episode.

      Thanks for listening, and be sure to let us know what other topics we should cover, or what errors we should fix.

    2. I saw you had done a bunch of good posts in the past looking at each edition of Nid minis, and they were pretty good so you could just link to them ... :)

    3. Good suggestion, Kym. I've now updated the original post to add the link to my old Tyranid Archive posts so people can find some pictures to go along with the podcast.


  2. Thought I commented on this already but apparently I did not. To offer another opinion I was not the biggest fan of the accents but I also do not have any issue telling you all apart by your voices, just my two cents. Content wise I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion and enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the design aesthetic and how it has changed over the years. As far as where you guys go with content I think sticking to discussing conversion work, the hobby, lore....pretty much anything but competitive play would play well to what I assume is your main audience on this blog. Keep up the good work gents.

    1. You did, Eli, but we've got a moderation thing on the comments to prevent spam.

      Thanks for the feedback! Brother Pink has since accepted the fact that we no longer sound identical, so the weird accents will probably show up rarely. They will still show up, though, as we're both prone to weird accents.

      And I can GUARANTEE that this podcast will not venture into the land of competitive gaming. Neither of us care enough about it to talk about it for an hour, and we basically never play :P