Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Xenos Alchemist: A Podcast for Xenos Lovers

Brother Pink has been on my butt for some time to put together a podcast for anyone who likes Modern Synthesist but would rather it be fed to them through their ears. Since he was also happy to take care of all the fidgety editing work, I was hard pressed to refuse him.

Therefore, I present to you his oeuvre: 

Xenos Alchemist - A Modern Synthesist Podcast

What's a Xenos Alchemist?

This podcast will be about the same kinds of things you encounter here on the Modern Synthesist blog: reflections on the creative side of 40k (painting, sculpting, conversions) that trend towards the alien factions that might not see as much love as their power-armoured foes. Brother Pink and I are more interested in models and fluff than in competitive gaming, so that's what we hope to make our podcast about.

We're still getting into the swing of things, so we've got a mixed bag of episodes at this point. However, in the pipe we have a two part discussion with Hydra about sculpting, and an episode on this whole Games Workshop Inner Circle thing.

How often will you be posting episodes?

We're hoping to get episodes up on a monthly schedule at the very least, but that doesn't rule out more frequent posts when we're feeling excited about something.

Where can I follow the podcast?

Our main base for the podcast will be on BuzzSprout, so if you're keen to get things before anyone else, that's the place to watch:
However, I've made sure to get the RSS feed up on most of the places people seek out podcasts, like Stitcher, Google Play, and iTunes.

Wait. Isn't this your second podcast?

If you've got a memory like a steel trap and are an elite follower of the Modern Synthesist blog, you might recall that this is not our first attempt at creating a podcast. However, I can assure you that this newer, sexified version is far superior to our rusty, first attempts with Vestigial Twin. Also, the content of that one episode on sculpting will be rehashed to better effect in our two part conversation with Simon Schnitzler/Hydra, which will be coming up soon.

My god! I listened to it, and it's amazing! You're a genius, Pinky!

No. All praise needs to go to Brother Pink, who is the mastermind behind the actual editing and creation of the podcast. I just show up, hit record, and talk to him, and he's the one who slaves away for weeks to edit out all my "umms" "ahhs" and "ehs" (don't want to confuse any non Canadians). A lot of 40k podcasts out there push rough recordings to air without much second thought about editing. Brother Pink, however, works his TAIL off to make our episodes smooth, sexy, and musical. I HUGELY appreciate all his work, so I want to make it clear that he's the one putting in the hours.

You guys talk about a lot of visual stuff. Any chance of a video companion to each episode?

If you've never attempted this, you might not truly appreciate how much work goes into something like that. I've already started working on a video companion to our Tyranid Design episode, and I've put something like 4 hours in to visually annotate only 20 minutes of video. It's getting to the point where I feel like I should be creating a patreon to just allow me to dedicate the time to making visual companion videos :P

So, though I would LOVE to do video companions for each episode, they take time, so they'll be coming later when I find the time.

Are you guys going to do a podcast about [TOPIC]?

Right now we're pretty fancy free about the topics of our podcasts, so if you have something that you think we should talk about, please let us know in the comments below!

Also, please share your opinion on the style and content of the existing episodes, and any suggestions about things we could improve. Like I said, we're new to this game, so we're still learning the ropes and would appreciate any feedback :)

Thanks, and happy listening!