Sunday, May 22, 2016

Long Time No See!

Hi Everybody!

Long time no see!

Brother Pink here, and I have minimal hobby progress to report on.

Last month, I roped Mr. Pink into crossing the globe for some sort of momentous occasion and it threw a major monkey wrench into both our hobbies.

Anyone that follows the Modern Synthesist Hobby FB page, or modernsynthesist on Instagram might have noticed Mr. Pink is painting again! I don't want to toot my own horn, but it's mostly because of me.

I told Mr. Pink that if he paints 10 models by June 30th, I'll buy him Gal Vorbak. I'm not saying he's taking a leap into the 31st millennium, but he sure is 30kurious. Of course throwing more models into Mr. Pink's bottomless pit of Hobby projects might not solve the problem, but it could serve as some strong motivation, also, I'd hope he'd return the favour by throwing a similar challenge back at me.

In March, a site called '' put on the 'Feast of Fluff' contest, and it served as a great motivator to get a model or two painted as well as develop the backstory for my Blood Angels. I've always had some fluff bouncing around in the back of my head, getting on paper was not as easy as I thought. Anyone interested in my submission, here's the link:

The base model I used for the Assault Marine for he competition, was a Second Edition Khorne Berzerker.

Really, the only part I wanted from the model was the face. Back in an old edition of 40k, a Blood Angels could fail a test and spend a turn drinking blood. I thought these Khorne helmets would really facilitate blood drinking.

First step was taking off the Khorne symbols and removing the left arm. The arm makes the model seem squat.

Next, I had to remove the 'bunny ears'. When removing the horns and the left arm, there was a lot of material to remove. I was also able to whittle down the plastic, to add details that would be located beneath the details I was removing.

Here's the sergeant before I started to paint. This was the first model I used Vallejo's German Red Brown primer, and I freaking love the stuff. Before I was priming Grey out of a spray can, then mixing red and brown to make a dark base colour, but I've combined both steps into one! I also love being able to apply primer by hand. It means I can prime indoors, in the winter!

I painted the Fast Attack marking 'freehand'. Originally I tried to paint it yellow, but it looked very Chaosy. I really need to start learning how to properly apply water slide transfers, but this model needed to be completed for a deadline.

Here's another 2nd editon Chaos Space marine, I made a year ago,. He has been converted to be less heretical.

As I was working on the Assault Marine, I was also making a heavy flamer Space Marine. It was one of those situations where I wanted a Heavy Flamer and that superseded the importance of appearance.

Pardon the black and white photo, I'm rather ashamed of the colour of the legs. The model is a ton of random bits slapped together. I used a Forge World [Heresy Era] shoulder mounted multi-melta, lopped the barrel off and slapped on a heavy flamer one. The left arm is from the 3rd ed missile launcher, and I have no idea what set contains those kneeling legs.

Here's the dude all painted up.

In a post I made a while back, I mentioned that I was converting a Sigmarite. I had got halfway through painting, and I thought the power sword would look cool as a glowing red colour. That was a mistake. Right now I'm working on a Blood Champion and his power sword looks way better as a dark blue.

So keep an eye out, this guy will hopefully be done in the next 3 months.

I have been putting a bunch of work in on making terrain.  I was diligent enough to document the process, so once the three pieces are painted, I'll share the process.

I've started this hobby train rolling agian, so please have a little patience and I'm sure Mr. Pink will have some super sexy pics up soon!

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