Saturday, June 20, 2015

I think I'd rather be a Blood Angel

Hi Everybody!

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who checked out my posts on the Sniper Scout.

When I dropped those first three articles, I told myself that I would be able to make a post a week... not true.

With the release of the new Space Marine Codex, Blood Angels took a bit of a hit competitive-wise. The title of the article was meant to be a joke about how often I've converted Dark Angels models for my army... Who's laughing now? Still, this article is about a sergeant dual wielding inferno pistols.... what's more BA than that?

A few months back I got seriously excited about fielding the Blood Angel Archangel Strike force, which spurred me to buy up the cheapest tactical squads I could find. All starter set, snap fit marines. I think one Battle for Macarage, one Black Reach and one Dark Vengeance. 

This Dark Vengeance sergeant is from an ebay auction, and was missing his front armor, but the ebay seller graciously provided me with a substitute. It took a little work to make it fit, but it was likely easier than trying to make the robed Dark Angel bit fit as a Blood Angel. I used a small amount of epoxy putty to blend the arms into new front armor. The Dark Angel model's codpiece needed some reshaping. Typically with Imperial models, I only use epoxy putty to blend kit bashed elements together. With Mr. Pink's Tyranids and Dark Eldar, he's typically adding new, outrageous details.

I originally showed this model with a pewter head, but the screaming mouth looked a little over-the-top. I think the helmeted head suits it better.


The backpack is magnetized so that in the future I could swap it for a Jump pack.

To save money on magnetizing, one typically wants to use a single magnet on one piece and some metal on the other. Connecting a magnet to metal means you don't have to worry about magnetic polarities and it reduces the number of magnets you need to use. I did not have a lot of space to work with, so I wanted to use a small magnet. Often weight comes into play when using smaller magnets. I was worried that the weight in the backpack could make it difficult to stick to such a small magnet. A magnet on magnet bond provided a stronger connection which meant I didn't have to worry about weight.

This is good goo!
These are seriously the smallest magnets I ever used. Making sure the polarities were right took more patience than effort.

I don't like to use super glue or epoxy based glues when messing with magnets. Despite having such a strong hold, these adhesives are very rigid. The vigor with which two magnets attracted to each other can jar the rigid bond of these adhesives eventually causing the magnets to break off. I've started using Shoe Goo on a lot of my models, especially anytime I've messing with magnets. It dries quickly and its rubbery bond is flexible but strong. Shoe Goo stinks to high hades, but it provides a mega strong bond even to smooth surfaces. I highly suggest using it for magnets and any metal models

(Use the goo in a well ventilated area or you might end up like this)

My biggest gripe with the snap-fit models you often see in the starter sets, is that a lot of the little details on the model meld together. This is to facilitates removal of the models from their molds. I always go over these models, and cut under a lot of the details to give them a more realistic 3D shape. There's no real need to do it. I just prefer these details be realistic 3D shapes when I paint them.

This marine really lacks any proper marking that distinguish him as a sergeant. In my mind, my Blood Angels are a third founding chapter that is folded into the current Blood Angel Chapter. They come from world that had a chance encounter with the remnants of a lost Blood Angel Expedition Fleet. Nomads, like the original people from Baal, they proved an ideal match for the Blood Angel Gene Seed. They hold great admiration for Blood Angels and proudly don blood red armor. My chapter doesn't have distinguishing colored helmets for Assault Squads or Devastators (allowing me to swap models between dev. assault and tactical squads). They lack the experience of true Blood Angels, so squad leaders are typically just the guy holding the chain sword (or inferno pistols).


This model was ten times more fun to paint than the previous scout. Having a magnetize backpack was also very nice, it meant that I could paint details on the model and on the backpack without other parts getting in the way.

Free-Hand blood drops aren't so difficult

Anyways I've got nothing left to say about this sergeant... but stay tuned, I just received something in the mail, which means I can start a new conversion project that you're sure to enjoy!

Next up:

"Brass Tax on Skitarii Leftovers"

These cultists are just begging for better weapons


  1. I am a bit saddened by the blood angels, being as they are the red headed step child of a bridge between editions. I don't know how this will ever be remedied, since they already got a supplement...Might just have to wait 6 months at the current accelerated pace!

    Painjob looks great, and love the dual infernus pistols!

  2. Good luck on BAs! I'm plating them weekly, and they are a fun break from Ultras and IG - totally different play styles that synergize with maelstrom missions!