Thursday, June 13, 2013

Phenomenal Nid Conversion Bits

I'm still out in the black, and all of GW's recent foolishness seems to be keeping me soured to the hobby (I was shown a COMPLETED shot of a new, plastic Eldar jetbike by someone in the studio in 2006 or 2007, and yet the recent Eldar release still features the same plastic bikes that we've had for more than 15 years. The company is clearly in it for the money and not for the models.), but this simply MUST BE SHARED with Nid players.

If you don't know about Epoch Studioz, you really need to.  I only just stumbled upon their work when checking in with Warpshadow. They are doing some amazing work to produce some really nice looking conversion bits for Nids. Here is a look:

You can order any of that stuff RIGHT NOW.

Here is some of the stuff still in the pipe:

And here's a link to the Work in Progress section of their site for some more.


  1. Epoch actually announced recently on the Tyranid Hive forum that he is closing shop :( Also mentioned he'd like someone to take over for him though...

  2. @Rattlesnake_Kid I know it's been forever, but, IIRC, Epoch approached me about buying him out. However, that felt like it would be cheating on mine/Hydra/Moloch's dreams of creating a similar studio ;)

  3. Rumor has it he might be starting up again.

    1. Any update on this rumor?

    2. The former owner approached me once again, talking about buying the business back and starting it up again, but I haven't heard any further details.