Sunday, April 28, 2013

Get. This. (Genestealer Cult Rules)


I'm still out in stasisland, but I wanted to make sure no one missed the opportunity to download this new rules set from the Tempus Fugitives for the updcoming Second Tyrannic War Campaign. Sure, they are only house rules, but since I've always been a fan of the Cult, I eagerly collect any and all semi-official Genestealer rules documents.

What's more, in the current age of Games Workshop's Oppressive Online Regime (maybe I'll write more on that later, but it is the prime reason for my existential ennui when it comes to The Hobby these days), I don't doubt The Company will be seeking to get these rules taken down, whether they are for an independent event or not. Thus, you should grab them while they are grab-able.

Here's a link to the event page:

Here's a link to the campaign document/experimental ruleset:


  1. Holy cow - nice lift, Mr. Pink! Just fired this on to the local gaming group; Hope the consensus is 'Stealer cult friendly.

  2. The second "Second Tyrannic War"?! I wonder what the Moloch thinks about that. If I was younger, I would fire up the spawning vats...