Friday, May 11, 2012

Feel More Pain: Wracks' Pain Counters Done

They were pretty far along when last I posted my first update about them, but the Pain Counters for the Wracks squad are now complete. 
I have a good deal of love for the Grotesque squad's pain counters as they were my first and they helped me pioneer the idea of the counter representing one victim becoming more twisted by pain. Still, I think that I'm happier with how these guys came out. They seem a little cleaner (in terms of construction) than the former, while also seeming more messy (in terms of the scenes being depicted).

That being said, for my next set of pain counters, I'm going to go back to the idea of the victim becoming a testament to pain: a kind of twisted sculpture. While working on the coven, I've become obsessed with the whole "external spine" idea, and I think I can get decent milage out of a face-down victim whose spine is turning into a veritable work of art growing out of his back.

Until then, let's take some more looks at these guys. I'm happy these pain counters gave me the chance to get more hemavores out on the field. I think these things are super creepy, but they are in no way present in most of the Coven kits. I look forward to trying to remedy that by sculpting many more of them.

My favourite of my pain counters has to be the "1" counter, where the victim is still conscious enough (not sure how, but let's assume it is some vile Haemonculus drug that is artificially prolonging his lifespan!) to look his end in the face:
Did you notice the second Hemavore already poking out of his left side?

Next up, when the squad reaches 2 pain counters, we swap that guy out for the following one. If the opponent wonders how many pain counters the squad has, all he/she has to do is count the hemavores.
Finally, when the Wracks squad reaches the almighty 3 pain counter mark, the previous victim is switched out for the pretty gribbly third victim below:
Eeesh. I get the heebie jeebies every time I look at that hemavore wriggling its way out of his mouth. Creepy. I guess that's a sign of a job well done :S
Here are some more views of the complete set of pain counters.

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