Wednesday, May 09, 2012

10,000 View Commission Giveaway

UPDATE: The 10,000 View Giveaway is now closed and I've shut down the comments for this post. Thank you for your entries, and I look forward to the next milestone giveaway I'm able to run.

Folks, it happened sometime Monday night: Modern Synthesist broke 10,000 views. Now, I know there are blogs out there that are viewed a heck of a lot more than that, but it's a momentous sort of a milestone for me now, shortly after this little bloggerino celebrated its first birthday.
There are certain folks I should thank for getting the Modern Synthesist name out there:

Warpshadow - The crazy, tentacle-saluting kids who have been with me since the beginning (nearly 10 years ago, EEK!), commenting on all my Nid projects and helping to make them perfect. If you've been looking for a positive, constructive, talented group of Tyranid players and modelers, you should check out the forums on Warpshadow.

The Dark City - I've lurked around the Dark City for a while, but I only began posting there recently. A more wretched hive of scum and villainy you will never find, so if you're into Dark Eldar, check the forum out. The folks over there have been wonderfully complimentary of my modest progress on my Coven units.

Eye of Error - LuckyNo.5's fantastic conversion blog. If you haven't seen it, you need to check it out. He's got some great Dark Eldar projects, and he's currently working on some Undersea Chaos Marines, with all kinds of sweet diving gear and TENTACLES! Also, he's come up with a clever Grotesques conversion that I love second only to my own (in fact, his may be a bit more elegant than mine).

Faeit 212 - I've been following Natfka's 40K Rumours blog for about a year now, and he always keeps me in the know. I'm pretty sure it was him adding me to his list of blog affiliates that pushed me over the 10,000 mark last night, so I'm glad that we're talking about sharing some of my modeling content on his blog as it's the least I could do to repay him for the favour. What's more, if you've come here from Faeit, this post will be your chance to possibly be rewarded for your hard work!

To say thanks to all you fine folks who roll up here so frequently, as well as to those who have just stumbled across this blog, I thought I should do...something. I wasn't really sure what to do, so I'll jump in with both feet and probably bite off more than I can chew:

Mr_Pink's First Ever Commission Giveaway!

I take on commissions from time to time, and this time I'm going to take on a commission for as free as I can manage and give it away. If you're interested in entering for a chance to win the giveaway, all you have to do is post a comment on this post if you've got a suitable blog/google profile that will allow me to contact you, or, if you don't, then fire me an email with the subject "conversion giveaway" (modernsynthesist_at_gmail_dot_com). I will compile names from all of these emails and comments, and I will draw one winner for the complimentary commission.

What's more, if you've got a blog, or a Twitter feed, I'll be doing a second draw for a second free-as-I-can-manage commission. To enter this second draw, simply find an article on Modern Synthesist that you think is interesting and should be shared with folks, then post a link to it on your blog or in your Twitter feed. Once you've done so, let me know via a comment here or an email with a link to your blog/feed where you posted the Modern Synthesist article, and I will enter you in a second draw.

So, to sum up, if you just send an email or post a comment, you're entered in one draw. If that email or comment includes a link to your blog/twitter where you've posted a link to an article on Modern Synthesist, you're entered into a second draw as well.

I will draw the winners at random, and I'll announce them on the blog (or I'll see if I can't get a certain celebrity to do it for me). Each winner then gets to request a conversion of their choosing, or they get to play the lottery and ask me to make them something of my choosing, or we can come to some kind of agreement (example: "I want a cool marine! Go nuts!").

Anyone can enter, so tell your friends...particularly since I'll have to do another one of these contests when the blog makes it to another milestone!

This contest will be open until midnight on Wednesday May 16th, so get your comments and your emails in before then, and I look forward to making something cool for someone.

Some particulars:
  • The model will be based on a 25mm base, so it will likely be of a grunt size. If you're looking for something Marine/Imperial/Tyranid/Dark Eldar based, it will go smoother as I have those models kicking around, but I've also got some Eldar Guardians, Necron Warriors, and Tau Firewarriors. What's more, I've got plenty of Tyranid Warriors, and I'd love to make someone a nice Prime.
  • Then again, if you want to mail me a model to work from, I'm cool with that, too, and I can increase the size limit up to a 40mm base if you're sending me the model. Further, though I've never worked on a WHFB project, I'm happy to do that, too, though I wouldn't have the models. Having to send me a model to convert won't be as free, but I'll do my best to make a cool model worth your while, and I'll cover all the conversion material and return postage expenses.
  • As there are two draws going on, if, by some freak chance, someone who entered both draws is drawn for both prizes, I will redraw the second name to spread the love a little farther. So, though you can be entered in both draws, you can only win one free commission.
  • I'll only take two entries per person, through the two methods mentioned above (comment/email and blog/twitter), so please don't spam on emails or comments because that will be a fast way to get removed from the draw. 


  1. I'm a fan of anyone spinning the positive 'Nid vibes, so count me in - I'd love one of your commission pieces (the 6th degree - Weemen blog).

  2. You can definitely count me in. Great work on the articles so far Pinky. I've been watching you and Hydra and others pump out advice and beautifully sculpted miniatures for probably 7 years now. So while I know a lot of the tricks (in theory perhaps, hahah it's nice to see you making these tutorials. It helps and builds the community as a whole.

    Keep on truckin' dude.

  3. Gogo Power Rangersss! Yay for 10,000 views and many more to come!

    Also, count me in for the giveaway!

    I dont know if my deviant art would count as a blog for the double entry though.

  4. Always been a fan of your work Mr Pink, keep up the amazing work!

    Count me in!

    Iron Nid

    1. Also, here is a link to the link on my blog:

  5. congrats on the milestone pinky :)
    Thanks for all those years of making me amazed, inspired, and better through showing your work out on Warpshadow. I'm glad for everyone that you're able to share it with more through this blog :)
    And thank you for that series of articles on the multiple editions of Tyranids. I found that a very entertaining and interesting read.

  6. Thank you all for your entries and your love! You've now all been entered in the first draw.

    Callum, you're officially the first person to re-link, so you're doing well in the second draw ;)

    I'm already getting kind of excited to see what people come up with interms of requested commissions.

  7. I was greatly inspired by your work displayed on Warpshadow when I recently came across your Screamer Killer redux. Color me impressed.

    I really loved the old model's simplicity and implied brutality, and you were able to meld that perfectly with the new model and design esthetic to create something altogether more fearsome.

    Posted a link on me twitter for the SK article here:!/crazybaldhead8

  8. Your work is amazing and has inspired me to start using GS more.
    I would love to be in to win, if your willing to ship overseas at my cost.
    Also posted on twitter!/Orthien

  9. Well you can count me in, who wouldn't want a free commission from Mr. Pink himself? Haven't been active in the community as of late, schools sucked away all my 40K time (now I'm learning French!) But I've been enjoying your article's since you've started writing them. Hopefully 10'000 hits isn't even the tip of the ice burg of thing to come! :D

  10. I think you're going to need more digits in that counter of yours...

    Count us in! We'll re-blog one of your posts too.

    1. Thank you sir. Just hit me up with links to the re-blogs and I'll enter you or whoever else in the second draw :)