Friday, April 20, 2012

Coven Wracks Update

The Wracks are the next unit from Bob's Big Bad Haemonculus Coven that are nearing completion.
As a couple of them have been pretty much done for a while, I focused more on the ones who have come a long way of late for this update.

First up, Sir Inspired by 300!

I liked the grotesque, butcher-like character in the film 300 that had saws made of bone grafted onto/growing out of its forearms. I tried imagine how the Haemonculi would replicate something like this, except I tried to approximate a Dark Eldar razor blade for the forearm weapon. As for the digits running down his arms, this was something that my commissioner, Bob, showed me in some concept art he liked, so I tried to replicate it.
Next, we have a Wrack well on his way to becoming a muscle-bound Grotesque. I had some of the old Chaos mutation frames kicking around, and I thought this arm would be a good way to give this guy an  freakishly over-muscled appendage. I tried to balance this out by putting atrophied ghoul arms on the other side of the model.
Third we have Mr. Bonesaw. I was doodling out all kinds of wicked blades for the grotesques and trying to come up with DE approximations of surgical instruments. This one is meant to be their bonesaw, and I really like the size of it on the model in combination with his pose. I wanted to give him a twisted third limb sporting a hypodermic as all of the Wracks have more than two limbs, but I didn't want it to clutter his forward lunge, so I twisted it backward.
Finally on the new recruits, we have the squad leader's understudy. He's armed with three separate blades, and his got the largest of them hooked into his central nervous system with a spinal-cord-like growth, just like the squad leader does with his bone knives. I really love the Bloodletter models that I used for the majority of the wracks, and I love their swords, but I wanted to disguise this one slightly so that it wasn't so obvious. This guy's pose also came out particularly nicely as he looks like he's winding up to decapitate someone.
And I took a few more shots of the previously completed squad members for good measure. Here are the two Liquifier dudes:
And then the last four wracks, who are just awaiting some finishing touches:
My next update on the Coven will either be the completion of this squad and their pain counters, or a long-awaited return to the Raiders they're supposed to ride on. I dusted off the one I started way back when, and I'm not as enamoured with it as I once was, so it's going to need some work. I may just let that one languish in favour of the second, surgery-in-progress idea I had for the other raider.

We'll see...

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