Friday, November 18, 2011

A Recipe for Wracks

As you may have noticed, I've been posting stuff about pain counters and Grotesques and Raiders for the coven, but one of the main staples of a Coven force--the Wrack--has been conspicuous in its absence. However, that's not for lack of ideas. When Bob-o and I were sitting around brainstorming ideas for how to create things like Grotesques and Wracks before GW released their Finecast versions, I took a trawl through all of the plastic kits GW made with my thinking cap on, and I came up with a magical formula for Wracks:

Flagellant Legs
+Bloodletter torso, back spine, and 1 horn; 1 Savage Orc Bow:

...and that was as far as I got for a while.

In terms of kits, I had a bloodletter kit, a flagellant kit, and a crypt ghoul kit to draw on, and I knew I could find ample arms in those kits to make the wracks look suitably freakish, but what was really holding me up was the idea of heads. I wanted to give my wracks masks, either like the GW-issue wracks or like those awesome Reaver jetbike pilots. However I was at a loss when it came to how to get that smooth finish on them. I'm pretty good at smoothing putty, but I was less confident in my ability to smooth it into perfect curves.

Enter my modest progress on the Grotesques. I was fleshing them out and cleaning them up using apoxie sculpt, and I decided that it was probably time to give them some heads. I intended to use the extra heads provided with the Talos kit, and I thought they'd fit best if I produced a negative out of apoxie sculpt that I could attach them to.

...and that was when I realized you could create a pretty decent head by pressing a lubed-up Talos mask into some wet apoxie sculpt.

After that it was easy, and all that was required was to attach some cut-down Bloodletter heads to the Bloodletter  bodies and mix up some apoxie sculpt:

It took some doing to get the masks right (I'd say the second from the left is, likely, the best), and I learned the hard way that it's better to wait until the mask is dry, then drill in the holes, rather than trying to sculpt the holes in. Witness:
It's not THAT noticeable, but--up-close--the mask with the drilled holes looks much cleaner.

So, now that I've got the masks figured out and have done some sketches of wicked, half-butcher, half-surgeon weapons, I can really get cracking on some more wracks >:)

Here are the first two who are getting near done:


  1. you've found yourself a mighty fine recipe for wracks. Question: are the things growing on their backs meant to be racks on which they display pain tokens?

  2. That would certainly be a good use for them; however, I'm more fond of having a unique, separate pain counter for each squad, and I've documented my start on them here:

    My concern with using the bone/spine racks for pain counters would be that you'd have to pick one of the Wracks to be the pain counter carrier for the squad, and you'd have to worry about making sure he survives/juggling around counters when it's time to remove casualties.

    I intend to use the protrusions on these guys for hanging trophies/vials of Haemonculi goop for keeping them going. Additionally, I've been rolling around the idea of the protrusions being involved in how the Wracks are transported by the Haemonculi Raider I've got going in the background.