Friday, November 25, 2011

A little update on the Monsters

For this week, I've got a little more progress to report on both the Wracks and the Grotesques.

For the Wracks, I've now got all nine of the masks I'm sculpting formed (the squad leader will receive the honour of one of those bad-ass Reaver helmets), and I created another plasticard blade weapon, inspired by one of the weapons that come with the Talos. Next step, I'll likely start on the squad leader as I've got some dastardly plans for him, including one to big him up with some spacers so he towers over his hunched brethren.

On the Grotesque front, it's mostly little bits of sculpting here and there, linking all of their parts together with fleshy bits and further customizing the Paulson bio-terrors. The more I work with them, the happier I am to have those bio-terrors to start from as they're really such a pleasing base :)

 This guy is going to be the walking, talking trophy rack:

I think I mentioned it before, but this guy will be carting a liquifier. Notice the tank he's got on his back for hauling around caustic fluid, and the way his spinal growths are taking to the task of holding it in place:

...and here's the Tanker with his little brothers:

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  1. Seeing your use of plastic kits makes me wonder why GamesWorkshop never tried to do the same. After drilling all the eyeholes in you Wrack heads do you plan on adding more detail to their masks? Your grotesque look... grotesque. Perhaps Games' should have tried planting the feet of their model instead of going to the 'wandering imbicile' look.