Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is Modern Synthesist?

This is meant to be the home for the various and sometimes-schizophrenic artistic endeavours of one Mr. Pink. If you're looking for his full name, it's Pontious Pinkerton, once Rear Admiral Pontious Pinkerton, but that is a story of high adventure on the seven seas, and it is one for another time.

In the here and now, Mr. Pink is an accidental artist who always had the interest but never really got the knack of Fine/High Art in school. However, despite these early slip-ups, he has がんばれ'd, observing the finest of Japanese traditions, and--for the most part--has achieved some success in fields of Lesser Art, such as design, photography, sculpting, and various multimedia that are likely best described as "Rough Art."

The majority of his motivation has come from an unlikely source: a dorky table-top wargame that, likely, is going to make up most of the content that appears on this site.

In all of this, he is most hoping to inspire new ideas and start new discussion about how a concept can never be realized and the best sculpt/layout/design is the one that you have yet to create. If all goes according to plan, the goal of this site is to spread creativity like an infectious disease.

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