Friday, November 24, 2017

Tyranid Dactylis from an Exocrine Conversion complete!


Sooo, I'd foolishly assumed I'd already created a post about this project, but apparently not :/

A good while back, someone very nicely commented on my original Dactylis conversion here on Modern Synthesist, saying they'd love to have one of their own. We started talking, figured out what he was looking for, and it evolved into this commission. I'm very glad it did, as I'm pretty proud of how the beast turned out, and I feel like he does a giant Tyranid gunbeast far more justice than modest Exocrine >:)

As he's done now, I'll share the completed photos in this post, and then I'll go through the build process in a separate post for anyone who enjoys that kind of stuff.

Here's the finished beast in all his glory:

Though his older sister, who I built from a Carnifex, is chilling in Germany with Moloch and the rest of Hive Fleet Ouroboros, I do still have my original gunbeast, the Exocrine I converted from a Carnifex about a decade ago (more on him here). So here is the new beauty alongside his older brother for comparison:

I hope you like the big beast as much as I do :)

He certainly took a PILE of work :|


  1. That looks excellent! And much better suited in scale than GW's Haruspex/Exocrine kit. When I first heard they were doing those, I was hoping for something more like the Hierodules in size.

  2. this is so f***ing great!
    awesome job mate!! :D

  3. That is super cool - Awesome work, man!