Sunday, November 19, 2023

GOLD for Hive Fleet Angrboda in AoP 2023

Though I wasn't able to get my display board finished in time for the international deadline for the online edition of Armies on Parade (honestly, GW, why shift the deadline from end of November to BEGINNING of November???), I DID manage to get it done in time for our local Games Workshop Toronto's Armies on Parade Day (though it was a near thing!).

Though I already had all my models painted, the board itself got started as part of my 24 Hour Tile Challenge build (more on that in a different post soon, but for now here's a link to the first part of my 24-hour livestream of the build). I finished BUILDING it within the 24 hours allotted to the challenge, but then PAINTING it took an additional 8-10 hours that I hammered through over the last week. Again, I'll get into more detail in a separate post, but honourable mentions go to Daler Rowney Artist Inks (Crimson, Paynes Grey, Turquoise, and Light Green, specifically!), and to Nora The Norn Queen for seeing how stressed I was and offering to help with anything I needed. In the end, what I needed was a neat name card for the display, and she delivered!

I managed to score gold in the Warhammer 40k category, which I was very happy with--particularly since there was an actual prize of a brush wallet, and that was something I'd been recently considering getting. I also really liked that GW gave out Armies on Parade pins to winners this year since the last time I participated, all I received was a certificate.


Best Overall

I DID NOT win Best Overall, and that's because I was trounced by an AMAZING board FULL of different Xenos critters, created by The.Fester.And.Rot / Martin. I couldn't be happier about losing out to such a worthy opponent—PARTICULARLY since it was Xenos and not more annoying space marines (they came in third :P)! Here are just a few photos of Martin's creation, and you absolutely need to go check out Martin's Instagram Profile for photos of all the rest. Every single model is an EPIC conversion :D

Though Martin said he doesn't play the game, so hadn't thought of what he'd field his Xenos panoply as, I suggested Tau since this is honestly what I wish a Tau Sphere army looked like: an awesome collection of various xenos factions, all allied for the Greater Good!

Here's a shiny happy photo of all the winners together, followed by some shots of their forces. Though I would have loved to see still MORE boards, of course, I was still happy that 8 competitors showed up.

And, of course, now I'm scheming about what I can do to top Martin next year for Best Overall!

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