Thursday, June 08, 2023

10th Edition Screamer Killer Conversion with Eric's Hobby Workshop


Though Games Workshop did not see fit to send me any advanced Tyranid models to support the Leviathan release, I was tremendously fortunate that another hobbyist who DID receive them and was familiar with my work reached out to ask if I'd like to collaborate on a video with him. It was none other that Eric's Hobby Workshop, a pillar of the hobbyist community on YouTube and—as I learned from this collaboration—an all-around awesome dude!

This was meant to be a video about the Screamer Killer conversion I did, but what Eric wound up making of it was something far more broad about me as an artist and a Tyranid lover. I didn't know quite what to expect when Eric disappeared into his editing suite, but what he came up with FAR exceeded my expectations. I felt like he really got me—that he really SAW me. So much so that I've sent this video on to people like my mom, who knows little to nothing about 40k, because it does such an amazing job of explaining who I am within this hobby.

So I am eternally grateful to Eric on a whole bunch of levels for putting in all this time, and giving me this opportunity!

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